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It depends on the threads of the Apex barrel. If the threads are that of a autococker, A5, or spyder then no, it will not fit. Though if it does have Tippmann threads then by all means it will fit.

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Q: Will apex tip fit on your regular barrel for a tipmann 98 custom?
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What barrel should you get for your spyder pilot?

If you need better accuracy, buy a Custom products 2 piece barrel. If you need better range, buy an Apex tipped barrel. If you need a lighter barrel, buy a Carbon fiber barrel, like the Azodin Carbon or Stifi MF.

What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

Does the apex barrel fit on spyder victor?

Apex tips need an adaptor in order to work on a non-apex barrel. if you are just trying to buy the tip then no it will not work. if you are buying the apex barrel with the tip already on it, as long as you get it in spyder threads it will work just fine

What is the difference between the Apex paintball barrel and a regular?

The apex barrel has a can-like tip with an adjustable flap that allows the operator to put spin on the ball. You can put spin from setting 0 (regular barrel) to 8 (extreme spin) the farther you set it, the more spin it will have, and the farther it will go. This being said, the higher you go, the less accurate the shot is, and it will shoot a a slight downward angle from the tip. It is also adjustable left an right, allowing you to curve the ball behind objects left and right or downward quickly over a bunker. It is a much better than a regular barrel for range, and is much more accurate and adjustable than the flatline, which is a curved barrel the puts a set amount of spin on the ball.

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