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Yes, if you purchase or have any skateboard trucks they will fit any wheels. the bearings are the part that actually connects to the trucks. the bearings go in the wheels; the wheels with bearings go onto the trucks and are bolted on.

-- everyday skater Blaze

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Q: Will any skateboard trucks fit any skateboard wheels?
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Can you use any trucks and wheels for a skateboard?

Most trucks and wheels will fit on any deck.

Can you fit any type of skateboard wheels on any skateboard?


Will longboard trucks fit on a 8.5 skateboard?

I think it's a yes because the wheels won't stick out of the sides.yes they will

Do any wheels fit any trucks?

no.because the size and structure of every wheels is not same.

What kind of skate bearings fit 52mm wheels?

All skateboard bearings will fit ANY sized skateboard wheel because the bearing hole is designed to be the same in all wheels.

Can 775 skateboard trucks fit on a 788 skateboard deck?

yeah bro they will fit smaller trucks are good for wider boards man just skate it up

Would a 8.0 trucks fit on a 7.75 skateboard?


What size wheels fit in average real skateboard trucks?

around 51mm-55mm, personally i would go for the 53's because that is in the middle

Do longboard wheels work on a skateboard?

Longboard wheels have a small hub, or core, inside it. Skateboard wheels also have this. This allows you to put bearings inside of both of them and can interchange what trucks you put on it. Generally, longboard wheels fit on normal skateboard trucks but a problem you will encounter is wheelbite. You may need to sand the board for wheel wells or put big risers on your board. Another solution is buying harder bushings for less turn and lean.

What size trucks will fit a eight inch skateboard?


Can a 5.0 sized truck fit on a 7.5 skateboard deck?

Yes, sure you can. 5.0 sized trucks fit up to 7.75'' skateboard decks.

Can 7.75 skateboard trucks fit on a 8.0 skateboard deck?

A: You Could but You couldn't primo flip and stuffA: Not a good idea. Your trucks should be the same width as your deck.

How do you measure skateboard trucks?

Measure the body of the truck to get the info you need to determine if it will fit your deck. 5" skateboard trucks fit decks 7.5 to 8 inch decks. 5 1/4 inch for 8 to 8.5 inch decks.

Do all skate board wheels fit on all skate board trucks?


What other truck wheels fit dodge ram trucks?

If its a 250 or 350 or 2500 or.3500 ford will fit

Will Chevy truck wheels fit a ford trucks?

No, the bolt pattern is totally different.

How do you know what trucks and wheels to put on a longboard?

It doesnt matter it should just fit

Will longboard wheels fit on normal double kick trucks?

Yes, just swap your bearings from skate wheels to longboard wheels, its all the same.

How do you put together a skateboard?

You'll need these parts to assemble a skateboard: (1) Deck(board) (2) trucks(axel the wheels attach to) *optinal but reccomended: (2) riser pads(fit between the trucks and deck) (8) 1" bolts w/ nuts to attach the trucks to the deck (4) wheels (8) wheel bearings with (4) bearing spacers (1) sheet of Grip tape ( covers the top of the deak with the no slip sand paper) ~ HELMET AND PADS FOR BEGINNERS !!! ~ - VooDoo 13 -

Can 7.75 skateboard trucks fit on a 7.88 skateboard deck?

yes, the trucks are a little less wide than the board and will be fine. If they were wider than the board it would not work as well. It would be awkward. They will be fine. Yes, 7.75 will work on a 7.88 deck. If you need to make up the .13" use bigger wheels- 55mm or larger. yes it will definatly work and the point of bigger wheels is definatly a good idea..... i dont find much difference using smaller trucks to be honest but overall it will be fine

Can you put ripstik wheels on a skateboard?

you can't, i know your thinking that because its faster. ripstiks are my faveourite though. ripstik wheels are to large and dont fit that bolt

Can Corvette wheels fit an El Camino?

The corvette style wheels will fit on any elcamino if they are older style rally wheels.

Can 7.88 trucks fit on an 8.0 deck?

Any size trucks will fit on any deck. It looks better when the size of the truck is the same size as the deck

Do all bearings fit with all wheels on a longboard?

For the most part they should, unless the trucks say it needs 10 mm bearings then it will fit. Most trucks use 8 mm bearings.

Can a Tahoe fit 26 inch rims without scrubbing?

if you dont know much about wheels or trucks dont do it