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no it does not

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โˆ™ 2010-04-06 00:42:21
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Q: Will a ktm 65 clutch cover fit on a ktm 85 sx?
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Will ktm 65 wheels fit on ktm 50?


How do you start a ktm 65 in gear?

pull the clutch in and kick it over, or roll it down a hill

Could a 11 year old fit ona ktm 65?


What type is used for a ktm size is 65?

what oil is used in a ktm 65

How many gears does a ktm 65 have?

my sons 05 ktm 65 sx has 5

Ktm 65 gear oil?

KTM 65 SX uses .5 L of Motorex Top Speed $T 15W50

What is faster a kx 65 or a ktm 65?

kx 80

How fast can a ktm 65 dirt bike go?

the ktm 65 sx goes 60mph and its faster then the other 65s

How much fork oil ktm 65 sx?

Fork oil level for a 2002 KTM 65 SX is 210 cc or 7.1 OZ per leg

How fast does a yz65 go?

there is no such thing as a yz 65 there is a kx 65 and a rm 65 and a ktm 65 but no yz 65

What is thdiffrence with a ktm 85 and a ktm 65?

a 65 is more for riders 6-9 while 85 is more for 10-14 year old people

How fast does the ktm 85 go?

ktm dont suck they got all hydraulic clutches and brakes so who put that is dumb. a ktm 85cc will go bout 65-70.

What is the Oil capacity for 2006 KTM 65?

The 06 65 SX takes .3L (or 10.147 ounces). KTM recommends Motorex Top Speed 4T 15W50.

Ktm 65 or?

depends if its the right size for you

How many cc's does a KTM 65 have?

64.9 cc

How much horsepower does a KTM 65 sx have?


How fast does a KTM 65 go?


How can you get your ktm 65 to keep up with a ktm 85 80?

Put upgrades on it like fmf pipe and big bore kit

What spark plug does a ktm 65 use?


Top speed of 2001 ktm 65?

5000 mph

What is the Gas to oil ratio a ktm 65 two stroke?


How fast can a ktm 65 2 stroke go?


What is the appropriate age for a KTM 65 SX?

about 7- 13

KTM 65 or 85 for experienced 12 year old?


What if there's no compression on KTM 65?

No compression means time for a rebuild.