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Q: Will a girls basketball make more shots than a boys?
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Is it easier to make a basket with a boys basketball or a girls basketball?

A girls basketball is easier to make a basket with because of the size and weight no matter the gender

What is a field gold in basketball?

A field goal is the number of shots you make out of the number of shots you take

If you shot the basketball 25 times and made 68 percent of the shots how many did you make?

You would make 25 * 0.68 shots; or 17 shots made.

How do you produce boys instaed of girls?

If you drink beer you make boys if you drink wine you make girls

What shots do basketball players make most often?

The odds are the closer the player is to the basket when they shoot, the better chance they have to make the shot. That would make layups and slam dunks the shots that basketball players make the most often.

Do boys like it when girls make out?

Well, I have seen girls make out. And let me tell you, I loved it. Most boys love it when girls make out. It is sexy.

What is a hyperbole about basketball?

She took a million shots but only could make two.

When can you play basketball after tooth extraction?

yes but it will be hard to make those shots

What is the difference in the reasons why girls fight and boys fight?

Girls fight for boys and boys fight for girls. Girls fight because they make themselves look hot and boys fight to make themselves look hot too.

Do boys or girls make more free throws?


Do promiscuous girls make life harder for girls who want to just love boys?

No, they just make boys harder.

What is the different thinking between boys and girls?

boys are erratic girls are logical. boys are impatient girls make sure they think things through. girls are better than boys. :D

Why boys aren't better than girls?

Boys are better than girls. Girls are better than boys. Each has its strong points and weaK points. Boys generally make better fathers and girls generally make better mothers.

Should boys and girls be separated in basketball?

NO boys and girls shouldn't be separated .ok its because it is actually better for them and they could have more fun, and also the boys start showing off which makes the boys better, THESE R SOME MORE REASONS Y :1. A new relationship could happen.2. good ideas.WARNING: MAKE SURE THEY DONT FIGHT OVER EACH OTHERAnd remember, boys and girls should play basketball together.HOPE I HELPED PEACE MWA ;)

Can you make a machine that turns boys into girls?


How may foul shots are allowed in basketball?

When you get fouled while shooting and make it only one shot. If you get fouled and missed 2 shots.

Jay practiced his foul shots for the upcomming basketball game he attempted 45 shots and made 36 of them what is the probability that jay would make the foul shot?

Jay would make 4 out of 5 shots.

Why do girls laugh and make fun of boys?

because girls are stupid

Who is flirt boys or girls?

Definitely girls they make it so obvious

Why do boys make fun of girls they have a crush on?

they make fun of them to show how funny they are or they the girls

How do you punctuate boys basketball?

If you mean make it shorter you could say Boys BB. I use BB. 4 basketball all the time. It works.

How many shots did a basketball player make if he usually makes 50 percent of his shots taken and on a bad night his percentage drops bay a factor of 1 half and he took 12 shots?

He made three shots.

Are there websites that you can make a character?

There is for boys and girls and there is for girls only.

Do girls want to make out?

Of course they do They love boys

Does the size of a basketball affect your ability to make free throw shots?

no because if you short you can still make it but if you tall you still can