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NO, Tiger Woods is a famous actor, your thinking of Jack Black stupid

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โˆ™ 2009-01-07 17:32:25
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Q: Will Tiger Woods play in the buick open in 2009?
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When does Tiger Woods next play?

29th July- 2nd August he is playing in the Buick Open 2009.

What is tiger woods ball speed?

At the 2009 Buick Open one of his drives had a ball speed of 174 mph.

When was the last time Tiger Woods played golf?

30th July - 2nd August 2009 he is playing in the Buick Open.

How fast does Tiger Woods drive a golf ball?

His ball speed on a drive at the Buick Open 2009 was 174 mph.

How many times has tiger woods won on the PGA tour?

The 2009 Buick Open was his 69th PGA Tour title.

What year did tiger woods miss the cut at the British open?


Who won Buick golf yesterday?

It was The Bridgestone Invitational yesterday, last week it was The Buick Open, Tiger Woods won both of them.

When was the last major that Tiger Woods won?

As of 22nd August 2009, the last major championship Tiger Woods won was the 2008 US Open.

How many majors has Tiger Woods failed to make the cut?

As a professional Tiger has missed 2 cuts; 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

How many cut in a major has Tiger Woods missed?

Only 2 in his professional career, 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

How many times has Tiger Woods won the US Open?

Tiger Woods has won the U.S. Open twice (2000, 2002).

How far can Tiger Woods hit the ball?

On the 2009 PGA Tour Tiger Woods' average driving distance is 295.7 yards. (As of 6th August 2009) What is interesting about the average drive distance stats for PGA Tour players is they only measure drives on about 3 holes per round. Tiger Woods drove a 340 yard par 4 at the 2009 Buick Open, thay wasn't on a measured hole so it didn't count, so the statistics are accurate but can't reflect the truest picture.

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