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No. If they do, then you'll have less storylines, less wrestlers because they can only have so many storylines, at once and why pay people who don't work?! It wouldn't make sense to do that and fans would lose interest faster, making WWE lose money, because if you missed RAW you would know 2/3 of what happened by watching Smackdown and visa-versa. When they were together I watched it once a week, but now there's a better reason to watch both shows. I prefer it the way it is now, there's more wrestlers, more storylines, and more interest now, than before the split, although I wish they would meet a PPv's a few more times a year.

AnswerIn the Famous words of Vince MacMhon "No chance sucka that's what they got" (at forming together) AnswerIf they did that there would be less time for other wrestlers to get storylines in and not all wrestlers would be in the spotlight. the closest thing to a merge is the draft lottery
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Q: Will Raw and Smackdown merge in the future?
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