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Yes Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Are Tag Team Partners Again And They Will Not Be Broken Apart Ever Again.(Maybe).

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โˆ™ 2009-11-26 17:45:51
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Q: Will Matt and Jeff Hardy ever be tag team partners again?
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Did Jeff and Matt Hardy have a brother?

Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are the hardy again

Will Matt hardy and Jeff hardy become the hardy boyz ever again?

Jeff On TNA

Are Matt hardy and Jeff hardy together again?


Ending of hardy boys?

Yes Matt hardy is on Smackdown and Jeff Hardy is on TNA. If Matt was to go on tna then they are together again or if Jeff goes back to wwe

Are john cena and Jeff hardy tag team partners?

They once were a team including Matt hardy sense john cena is their cousin. it was Matt Hardy's idea to become a team. the name was the backbusters. later on, about 4 weeks later, rey mysterio joined them. but in January of 2001, rey mysterio and Matt hardy quit due to Jeff and Matt's rivalry. rey quit because he was more into being solo. so then, 2003 of November, Matt and Jeff were no longer rivals. but Matt did not want to rejoin the team. finally, in 2007, the backbusters were done. today, Matt hardy and Jeff hardy are once again rivals.

Jeff hardy vs matt hardy?

Jeff Hardy wrestled against Matt Hardy in what was called an I Quit match. In the end Matt Hardy was defeated by his brother Jeff Hardy.

Is Matt and Jeff hardy bros?

Yes Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy Are Brothers

Who is sexier Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?

Jeff hardy is much sexier then Matt heck yeah,Jeff hardy is way sexier than Matt. Matt sucks

Jeff hardy or Matt hardy who is the sexiest?

Jeff hardy of course......Matt is okay but Jeff has major sex appeal

Are Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy really brothers?

Yes, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are real brothers.

Who is bigger matt hardy or jeff hardy?

Between the Brothers, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy is bigger. However, the brothers are very close in size.

Who is older Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy.

Is Jeff hardy and Matt hardy twins?

No... Matt Hardy was born in 1974 and Jeff was born in 1977.

Is Jeff hardy older than Matt hardy?

NO Matt Hardy Is Older Than Jeff Hardy By 3 Years.

Who is more talented Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy?

Matt hardy because he beat Jeff hardy in wrestlemania 25.

Will Matt and Jeff Hardy team up as the Hardy Boys again?

The chances of Matt and Jeff Hardy teaming up to become the Hardy Boys is highly unlikely. Matt Hardy left the WWE for TNA and enjoys wrestling in TNA. So the chances of him making another drastic move will most likely not happen.

Who is better Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?

it is a pretty close tie but Jeff hardy would beat Matt more then Matt beats him

Is Matt hardy's brother Jeff hardy?

yes matt hardy's brother is jeff hardy because they have the same dad and mom

Who won in the I quit mach between Matt hardy and Jeff hardy?

Jeff Hardy beat Matt Hardy in the I Quit match

Who's better Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy.

Who's older Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?

Matt Hardy.

Does Matt hardy have Facebook?

Does Matt hardy and Jeff hardy have facebook

Who is older Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?


Is Matt Hardy real brothers with Jeff Hardy?

Yes they are. Matt is older than Jeff.

Are Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy related?

Yes they are brothers(Matt is older though) , Matt and Jeff are related and their team is called the Hardy boyz\brothers.