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Posada will probably retire a Yankee.

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Q: Will Jorge Posada retire as a New York Yankee?
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When and where did baseball player Jorge Posada play?

Jorge Posada debuted on September 4, 1995, playing for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium II; he played his final game on September 28, 2011, playing for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium III.

What team does Jorge Posada play for?

Jorge Posada plays for the New York Yankees.

Who was Jorge Posada drafted by?

Jorge Posada was drafted by the New York Yankeesin the 24th round of the 1990 amateur draft.

What number does Jorge Posada wear?

Jorge Posada wears the number 20 for the New York Yankees.As of May,2011.

How many World Series has jorge posada with the New York Yankees won?

Jorge Posada has 5 World Series Rings.

What country is New York Yankees player Jorge Posada's parents from?

Jorge Posada's father is from Cuba and his mother is from the Dominican Republic. Jorge was born in Puerto Rico.

When did Jorge Posada come to the New York Yankees?


Who is the DH for the New York Yankees in 2011?

Jorge Posada

Which active New York Yankee trails Derek Jeter for most hits?

Jorge Posada is second on the Yankees active hit list behind Derek Jeter.

How long has Jorge Posada played for the New York Yankees?

Jorge Posada played 16 seasons with the New York Yankees from 1995 - 2010. He will be starting his 17th season in pinstripes in 2011.

What team has Jorge Posada played for?

Jorge Posada played baseball for the New York Yankees. He was a catcher for them from 1995 to 2011. He played for the Yankees for his whole 17 year career.

Who is the longest playing New York Yankee?

Currently, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera are all playing in their 16th season as New York Yankees. Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra played the most seasons with 18 each.

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