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yes today, the 27th September 2008.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:53:10
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Q: Will Hawthorn Football Club win the AFL premiership cup?
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When did Hawthorn Football Club join the AFL?

It was 1902

Who won the 2008 afl premiership?


How many afl premiership's have hawthorn hawks won?


Who won the AFL premiership in 1989?

Hawthorn 21.18.144 defeated Geelong 21.12.138

Who played in the 1989 AFL Premiership?

Hawthorn and Geelong, Hawthorn won by 6 points. Hawthorn 21.18 [144] Geelong 21.12 [138]

What date did vfl become afl?

1989 - 1990 was the transition from VFL to AFL. The Collingwood football club won the first AFL premiership in 1990.

Who will win the 2012 AFL premiership?

most likely i think either Hawthorn, Adelaide,or Sydney,i would think hawthorn will

Who is the greatest club in the AFL?

Essendon and Carlton Football Clubs both have 16 AFL/VFL Premierships, Essendon has 1 more VFA premiership though.

How many afl coaches have won a premiership in their first year?

13 ... the last coach to do this was Chris Scott with Geelong football club in 2011

Who is better essenden or hawthorn in AFL?


How do you do a specky in AFL premiership 2006?

How do you do a specky in AFL premiership 2006?

Has AFL club Sydney Swans won a premiership before?

Sydney Swans has won one AFL Premiership - in 2005. However, the club is the direct result of the 1982 relocation of the South Melbourne (Swans) Football Club from the VFL competition - the forerunner competition of the AFL, Sydney becoming the club's new home. South Melbourne Swans had won 3 Premierships before this move - 1909, 1918 and 1933. So the Swans are officially attributed with having won 4 AFL Premierships.

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