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no he has joined Barcelona

no he has joined Barcelona

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Q: Will Daniel alves transferred from sevilla to Manchester united?
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Transferred from Manchester United to Arsenal?

Mikel Silvestre

Players that have transferred from Manchester united to Manchester city?

Most recently, Carlos Tevez from United to no club to City.

Who is Manchester United agent?

Daniel Sherwood. 2007-2011 Greatest agent for Manchester United in their history.

Has any football player transferred from Manchester utd to Manchester city?

In recent years Carlos Tevez and Owen Hargreaves have transferred from Manchester United to Manchester City. Sir Matt Busby (former Manchester United manager) used to play for Manchester City. Ryan Giggs was in the Manchester City youth academy before he joined the Manchester United academy and ironically has become a Manchester United legend.

Has there ever been a player transferred indirectly from Liverpool to Manchester United or Manchester United to Liverpool?

So far, in 2009. There is Michael Owen.

Who is Manchester United official agent for friendly away?

Daniel Sherwood.

Has there ever been a player transferred directly from Liverpool to Manchester United or Manchester United to Liverpool?

yes Dave joens he was a very good player in net

Which Manchester United players have been transferred to Real Madrid?

David Beckam Christiano Ronaldo

Who played for Manchester united in the 80's and transferred to Liverpool in the 90's?

robbie fowler

Is nani a famous soccer player?

Yes, a Portugal international and plays for Manchester united in the English premier league. Transferred from sporting lisbern to Manchester united. Primarily plays as am attacking winger.

Who is Danny Welbeck?

Daniel "Danny" Welbeck is a footballplayer of Manchester United. He is 19 years old.

How much was Wayne Rooney transfer fee?

Wayne Rooney transferred from Everton to Manchester United in 2001 for £2.5million

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