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Q: Will Coach K coach the nets?
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Who is the coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

Who will be the next coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the current head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

Who is the coach for the nets?

Jason Kidd

Who has more wins coach k or dean smith?

coach k

Who is the new coach of the Nets?

Jason Kidd

Who is the Duke Mens basketball coach?

Coach K...

Who is Coach K of NCAA Basketball?

duke's head coach

When did Coach K College Basketball happen?

Coach K College Basketball happened in 1997.

When was Coach K College Basketball created?

Coach K College Basketball was created in 1997.

How many wins does Duke's Coach K have?

As of Feb. 4, 2008, Coach K has 794 wins

Have there ever been a coach in the NBA that never played NBA basketball?

Lawrence Frank, Head Coach of the New Jersey Nets.

What was Coach K's only loss as US Basketball coach?


What coach has won the most NCAA tournament games?

Coach k

What is the real name of Coach K?

Coach Michael William Krzyzewski or known as coach K. He has been coaching since 1974. He is famously known for coaching the Duke Blue devils. Coach has been in the business for 39 years.

Who is better Coach k or roy Williams?

Coach k is the best basketball coach duke has ever had and Roy Williams doesn't even deserve to be coach coach k is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever thinks Roy Williams is better they should look at where the tar heels are in the ACC standings and then compare it to DUKE I WOULD SAY THAT TAR HEELS ROY WILLIAMS WOULD BE THE BETTER COACH BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE MORE NATIONALS TITLES THEN THEM AND I WONT JUDGE THEN THIS YEAR BECAUSE EVERY BODY HAS THERE UPS AND DOWNS . Coach K is the better coach. (I'm not a Duke fan)

Who was the coach before Coach K of Duke?

Bill Foster: Final Four in 1978

Which college basketball coach has 3 national championships?

Coach K, of Duke. I believe...

What college basketball coach has most wins past ten years?

coach K

Which basketball coach guided the Nets in both the ABA and NBA?

Kevin Loughery

What Laker player was the old coach for the New Jersey Nets?

Byron Scott

Did coach k serve in Vietnam?


How do you pronounce Coach K's last name?


Is Duke's Coach K a Jew?

No..He is a Polish Christian.

What is the head to head coaching record for Dean Smith and Coach K?

24-14 in favor of Coach Smith

Does coach k wear a wig?