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No, they will not.

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โˆ™ 2010-10-18 19:24:02
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Q: Will Chicago Bears beat the eagles on Sunday?
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Will the falcons beat eagles this Sunday?


What teams did the giants beat?

Chicago Bears

How many times did the eagles beat the bears?

only 152, but the bears have destroyed them for 204 times.

What is the only team the Philadelphia Eagles never beat in the NFL?


Who do the Chicago Bears play in the playoffs of 2011?

That will depend on which teams win the first round playoff games that will be played on the weekend of January 8-9. Since the Bears are the second seed in the NFC, they get a week off and then will play the highest seeded winner of the Saints (#5 seed) vs. Seahawks (#4 seed) and Eagles (#3 seed) vs. Packers (#6 seed) games. If the Eagles beat the Packers, the Bears will play the Eagles as the Eagles would be the highest seeded winner. If the Packers beat the Eagles, the Bears will play the winner of the Saints/Seahawks game.

Who did the Giants beat in the 'Sneakers game?

chicago bears

Will Chicago Bears beat Atlanta Falcons?

yes,the bears will win 30 - 20

Who will win this weekend the Chicago Bears or Buffalo Bills?

Bears already beat the Bills.

What is the most points the Chicago Bears have scored in one game?

The Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins with a score of 77

Do eagles stand a chance to get in the playoffs this season?

Yes they do to get into the playoffs the raiders must beat the buccaneers, the giants beat the vikings or the Texans beat the bears and the eagles need to beat the cowboys. their odds are slim but they can do it.

Who beat the super bowl Chicago Bears?

The Indianapolis Colts.

Did the Detroit Lions ever beat the Chicago Bears?


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