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Only Bill Goldberg can answer that. But, it is not likely that he will return.

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Q: Will Bill Goldberg return to wrestling?
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Related questions

Is Bill Goldberg going to TNA Wrestling?

No, Bill Goldberg is retired from wrestling.

What is bill goldberg doing?

He is retired. He is currently contemplating return to professional wrestling

When is Bill Goldberg coming back to wrestling?

Bill Goldberg has retired from professional wrestling and has denied any rumors about him returning to wrestling.

When will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

bill goldberg will return in 2011.

Where will Bill Goldberg wrestle?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

When bill goldberg will returns?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

Will Goldberg return to the WWE and if he does when will he return?

Goldberg has not planned to return to WWE as a competitor as of 2011. There has been some news on Goldberg returning to professional wrestling but he hasn't committed to any wrestling promotion yet.

Is Goldberg returning to the WWE?

Bill Goldberg is a greatest professional wrestling legend in professional wrestling history. Bill Goldberg proved as greatest professional wrestling superstar in WWE during 2003 to 2004. However, World Wrestling Entertainment had released this greatest wrestling legend from professional wrestling. Even Total Nonstop Action Wrestling does not show interest to offer contract to Bill Goldberg. So, the gates are closed in all directions. Finally, Bill Goldberg entered into acting field and put pull stop to wrestling. There is no doubt about it, WWE never allows Bill Goldberg to wrestle in WWE. At the same time, Bill Goldberg may not show interest to wrestle in WWE. So, Bill Goldberg never returns to WWE. However, World Wrestling Entertainment may respect Bill Goldberg by presenting WWE Hall of Fame in future days.

Will goldberg ever return to pro wrestling?

he will one day but he wont be wrestling

Will goldberg come back to the WWE 2011?

There is no chance, Bill Goldberg comes back to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. World Wrestling Entertainment does not want to take old professional wrestling superstars including wrestling legends because WWE plans to develops new professional wrestling superstars as future legends. However, there is a chance for Bill Goldberg to return to WWE but not as wrestler which means WWE Hall of Famer in future.

Will bill goldberg ever return to WWE?

Bill Goldberg will not be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

When will bill goldberg go back to wrestling?

As of August 2014, Bill Goldberg has no plans to go back to wrestling. He may appear in skits from time to time for WWE, but will not wrestle anymore.

What date will bill Goldberg return to WWE?

Goldberg is going to return before the end of 2011 he said :)

Is Goldberg coming back to Wwe 2012?

There are rumors that Goldberg may return to wrestling but nothing is confirmed yet

Is Bill Goldberg moving over to TNA?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling, so he is not coming back to WWE or TNA.

Has bill goldberg ever been defeated in wrestling?

Yes, Bill Goldberg has lost numerous matches throughout his impressive career.

Is Bill Goldberg going to be wrestling any time soon?

no in summerslam 2008 goldberg is returning hes going to WWE

What is the Longest win streak in Pro Wrestling History?

Bill Goldberg at 173

Will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

In the 2012 Royal rumble

Will bill goldberg come to back to wrestling?

no"because he 45 year old isn't it

Will goldberg return to WWE?

Don't get your hopes up. Goldberg retired from wrestling, and WWE doesn't like him right now because he was a major bully backstage

Who holds the longest winning streak in professional wrestling history?

Bill Goldberg (World Championship Wrestling/World Wrestling Federation (Entertainment)) had 173 consecutive wins.

Does bill goldberg have a wrestling DVD?

No, Bill Goldberg doesn't have an actually dvd out. The only thing ever released for Bill Goldberg was when he was in Wcw back in the 1999 Wcw/Nwo Superstar Series: Goldberg Who's Next which was released on vhs. Wwe or Goldberg needs release DVD with all his matches from Wcw, Wwe, & New Japan matched.

Did Bill Goldberg play in the NFL?

Yes, he played #72 in the Atlanta Falcons before wrestling

Why is goldberg not in svr 2011?