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3 safeties

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Q: Wierdest ways to earn 6 points in NFL football?
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Can you earn Free Nintendo Points?

Yes there are ways to earn free Nintendo points.

How many ways can a team score 15 points in a football game?

11 ways

How do people earn points with a tesco clubcard?

There are many different ways to earn points with a tesco clubcard. Earning can be acheived in store, online, buying clothing, wine, motoring materials, etc.

What are easy ways to earn club-points on Nickcom?

play cabin wars a whole lot. though it will take time to get points.

How many ways are there to score twenty-one points in a football game?


How do you get people to recommend you to get trust points at

Typically, asking for trust points can or is discouraged. Those who earn trust points are for the most part contributing wonderful things to which can include, nice, well organized answers. There are MANY WAYS to earn trust points though.

How do you get experience on Moshi Monsters?

Ways to earn experience points on Moshi Monsters include:Earn points playing the Daily Challenge Puzzle.Earn points playing the games.Earn points by decorating your room.Complete Quests to earn Experience points.Complete Adventures and Super Moshi Missions (paid Moshi Members only) to earn Experience Points.

What are some ways to rack up points for an Airmiles card?

One can collect points on an Airmiles card in any number of ways. It's possible to buy points with loyalty points collected elsewhere, such as Tesco Clubcard points. It's also possible to earn points through internet shopping in the right shops.

What are some ways people can earn points on Sony Rewards?

One can earn Sony Rewards points for buying Sony items (and up to 5x bonus points when using one's Sony Card) or items from partner websites. Points can also be earned by playing or exploring games and sharing content online.

What are the 2 ways a football team can score 2 points?

Safety and a 2-point conversion

Where can you get an airline mileage plus card?

Many credit card companies have this feature when you sign up for a card. they allow you to earn mileage points and offers other ways other than flying that you may be able to earn points as well.

How can you earn visa rewards in college?

To earn visa rewards in collage, you first have to buy the card. To do that go on the homepage, or look it up. Apply and then read instructions on how to earn rewards. Some ways are when you spend money on the card, you get points which lead to savings!

How do you get free money on quick hit football?

I suggest this free website to earn money through online with simple games copy the link( htt ps: // VsPJ O)

How do you get house points on Pottermore?

House points can be gained in a number of ways. The easiest is by exploring moments and collecting items. You can also earn points by successfully brewing potions, the harder the potion is the more points you'll gain. The last way is to win a wizards duel.

What are all the ways in which a football team can score 6 points?

1 T.D. or 2 field goals or 3 safeties

what are the points used for on your account on answerscom?

Points help build your reputation as a trusted resource and help you become an all around Answers community expert! As long as you follow our Community Guidelines, you'll earn points for your participation in the community. Right now the primary way to earn points is by answering questions. In the future you'll be able to earn points in other ways such as downloading the Answers App, Creating a registered user account, and many other things. Points also allow you to rank on the leaderboard.

Give at least 5 rules on how competitors earn points in fencing?

A fencer must at least touch the opponent with his/her blade. There are ways to do this, but otherwise, the only way to gain points is if your opponent is penalized, which generally results in points being subtracted from their score.

What is the easiest free rewards website?

Well I just tried a new site and unlike all the survey ridden reward sites this one has some pretty easy ways to earn points. I started with all the free downloads and managed to earn nearly 700 points which included the 100 just for registering.

How do you earn social status on smallworlds?

There are many ways to earn social points on SmallWorlds: 1) Do social missions 2) Make a club, and get 100 people 3) Do kudos

What does Prize Rebel do?

Prize Rebel is a site where users do surveys. The surveys have a certain amount of points they give you. When you have enough points you go to the prizes section to claim your prize. The problem with Prize Rebel is the slow earning pace of points mainly because Prize Rebel does not have a lot of ways to earn points.

What are all the different ways nascar driver can earn points during a race?

1)To lead a lap 2) to lead the most laps 3) The closer to leading the race, the more points are gained

How can a 12 year old make some spending money online not doing much because you've tried mowing businesses selling things helping out etc but you don't live in that kind of neighborhood?

I don't know any good sites that allow you to earn cash but I know of points2shop and swag bucks. Points2shop is a site that allows you to earn points to buy anything you want on amazon. You earn those points by completing surveys, playing games, competing in lotteries and other things. It is legit it worked for me and I'm 13. Swag bucks is a site that you can get anything you want and exclusive items too. To earn points there you simply use their search engine which is not that bad. Randomly you will be chosen and are given points. You can also earn by going in swagsweeps in which you can get in a drawing for a lot of points or tv,s to laptops or ipods. You can earn points various other ways sign up there go to. Again worked for me. hope I could have been any help.

How can one earn points in a hockey game?

One can earn points in a hockey game a few different ways. For a team to get points in a game, someone from their team would have to get the puck into the net of the opposing team. For an individual player to get a point, they would either have to be the one to score the goal, or be one of two possible people to assist in the goal. Any team that wins, will receive 2 points for winning the game, and if the game goes into overtime, both teams will automatically get 1 point, with the winner receiving 2.

How can you get gaia online gold?

lots of different ways you could sign up to metarl and earn metarl points and transfer them to your account 100 points is 1000 gold or you could sell things and there are kinda like vending machines that grabs random stuff have a go at that

Why don't people give me trust points?

People often give trust points because he or she has answered their question in a good manner as far as ACTUALLY answering the question that was asked. You can earn trust points several other ways as well such as being very helpful to Supervisors, helping other contributors, being active etc.