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The numbers 308 are not the model number.That is the caliber.Include the model and serial number so we can answer why the letter A appears in the front of the serial number.

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Q: Why your 308 gun model serial got a A?
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What year was Winchester model 88 caliber 308 serial number 25737 manufactured?

The gun was made in 1956

Just got browning 308 older gun-86918m69 can tell you about the gun?

Made in 1969.

What is the model number of a Browning 308 with a serial number of 21203K71?

Can't tell by the product code alone. Contact Browning, or search the model index on the Browning date you gun web page. The link is below.

Where can you find parts for a new haven model 880A 308 win?

Gun shop, gun show, e-gunparts

What is a model Remington 722 308 calworth?

Accordig to what I've read it is a collecters gun

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 3841587 made and what else does the serial number tell you?

Winchester serial numbers were unique to the model of the gun,The only thing the serial number tells you about the gun is it's age.The serial number you've listed was from a gun made in 1974.

What is the age of a Browning serial 96991 that has an M an O and a P in a triangle above the serial when the gun is apart and no model number?

You are going to have to identify the model number to determine the age. Take the gun to a gun shop or gun smith for assistance.

How do you identify a gun?

By model, caliber and serial number.

What model of Merkel overunder gun with serial number 28784?

We cannot tell the model from the serial number- but if you contact Merkel. they can.

How old is my gun serial no 60247MT?

No way to tell without make and model. Serial numbers are not unique to only one gun.

What kind of gun is serial number 321023?

Would need name and model of gun to answer.

Where is the serial numbers located on a mossberg model 173ya shot gun?

There isn't one. That model was made in 1963 to 1968. Serial numbers weren't required back then, and having a gun that never had a serial number IS legal.

What is your Winchester model 1897 serial?

To find your Winchester model 1897 serial number you need to look on the gun. You also can take it to a local gun dealer who can help find the number.

Did savage make a model 24 in 308 12ga?

For a couple of years in the late 1980's Savage marketed a combination gun made by Marocchi of Italy which was chambered in 12ga over .222 Remington and 12ga over .308 Winchester. The gun was designated as their Model 389.

Colt 52727 what year and model?

the model is written on the gun. THEN check with serial number.

What type of gun is miroku no 35044pp?

It is not possible to tell a model from the serial number. Serial numbers are not unique to only one gun in the world.

How do you determine what model and year of Ithaca shot gun you have?

By the serial #

How can you tell the age of gun model 107?

By the serial number.

Where is Winchester model 75 serial number on the gun?


What is the value of a 308 savage model 99 f serial number 907705?

The savage model 99F,which was produced from 1955-1973 is valued at between 265-500 dollars for a gun with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.

How do you find make and model of gun with serial number?

Can't be done with just the serial number.

How do you know how old your Ithaca gun is?

You can tell how old your Ithaca gun is by the model and serial number

What is the value of Winchester 308 model m780?

How can you tell how old a gun is?

The model number of the gun and make along with the serial number usually will determine the age of a gun.

Savage model 99 lever action 308 worth?

The value of the Savage model 99 lever action 308 varies greatly depending on its condition and age. On average this gun sells for about 300 to about 400 dollars.

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