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because participating in sport will get you some exercise, and exercise is good for you.

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Q: Why you should play any sport?
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What sport should I play?

Any sport You like

What sport can only men play?

Women can play any sport they have a womans football league. So basically women can play any sport

What is sport will be helpful for your body?

Any sport you play

When is the best time to play any sport?

The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

Should I play Softball?

You should play softball if it is a sport that you enjoy.

What sport does rebecca adlington play?

she doesn't play any sport however she is a swimmer

What sport is recommended not to play if you have injured your head?

Ideally, you should not play any sport while recovering from a head injury. Golf is probably the safest thing you could find.

What sport did Zeus play?

he did not play any sports

Why women should not play rugby?

Women should play whatever sport they please! Although it can be a rough sport for EITHER gender, women should never be discouraged from playing a sport they enjoy.

Why should you play a sport?

You play a sport to get health and have fun. Also, you could show off if you are terrific.

Why should girls play boy's sport?

It depends on the sport and the girl. If she is very good at a sport there is no reason why she shouldn't be able to play in that sport. Gender should have no foundation in sports since it is ability that is important.

What sports can you play with cerebral palsy?

This Disability should not affect what type of sport's you would like to participate in. Swimming is an example of a sport at any age you can do with this disability.

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