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because participating in sport will get you some exercise, and exercise is good for you.

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Q: Why you should play any sport?
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What sport should I play?

Any sport You like

What sport is recommended not to play if you have injured your head?

Ideally, you should not play any sport while recovering from a head injury. Golf is probably the safest thing you could find.

What is sport will be helpful for your body?

Any sport you play

Should I play Softball?

You should play softball if it is a sport that you enjoy.

What sports can you play with cerebral palsy?

This Disability should not affect what type of sport's you would like to participate in. Swimming is an example of a sport at any age you can do with this disability.

Which sport should I play?

of coarse you HAVE to play hockey it's the all-time bestest sport in the world you could play tennis,golf,or soccer soccer is a sport that every country can play

Why every single kid should play at least 1 team sport?

Every Kid should play at least one sport for their health. They also should play so they can stay nice and healthy

Can a homeschooler play a sport should they be allowed to?

Yes they can.yes they should

How do you play an Inca sport called paintball?

There is no record of any Incan sport of "paintball"

Are you forced to do a sport in high school?

No, schools will never force you to play any sport.

Why should baseball be a sport in middle school?

it should be a school sport because the kids that like baseball can play for the school

Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?