Why you should like cricket?

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2015-12-12 02:05:55

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It is very entertaining. I like it very much.

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2015-12-12 02:05:55
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Q: Why you should like cricket?
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Your hobby is cricket tell you why should you like it?

because i like cricket very much

Which password should you login in galli cricket?


Is Ipl a County cricket?

IPL is like club cricket or you can say it is like the English county cricket

What should you not do in cricket?

Get Out

What insect has 6 legs looks like a spider but jumps like a cricket?

Cave cricket or camel cricket?

What is a mole cricket?

it is a cricket that do things like a mole

What you should do become a cricket commentator?

The person who have good knowledge and love for cricket can become cricket commentator. Should be smart and should have good command over English language

If you have cricket broadband can you get Xbox live?

You should. Call Cricket and ask.

Why you like to play cricket?

I like playing cricket because I find it quite fun.

Which is better cricket or baseball?

it depends on what country you live in. Americans like baseball but loads of british and australians like cricket. Its your decision if you like baseball then you like baseball but if you prefer cricket then you like cricket more than baseball. OFcourse cricket 2nd most wanted game in the world after football.

What are the conflict in the cricket boy?

The conflict or the problem of the cricket boy is, he should find the biggest and strongest cricket on their town.

Why isn't cricket an Olympic sport?

i love cricket and i think that it should be an olympic sport however it already has its own world cup and alot of veryations to the game like 20/20 and test cricket and 1 day internationals

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