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You need coordination in soccer because then you can get away from the defender that is guarding you from the goal, and so you can score on the other teams goalie.(Coordination can help you juke their goalie out of their place and you can take the shot before the goalie gets the ball.)

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Q: Why you need coordination in football?
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Why do football players need coordination?

Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accuratley. football players need coordination to be able to aim and kick the ball into the goal.

Why is coordination not needed in football?

Coordination is definitely needed in football.

Why do you need coordination in football?

so footballers can kick a ball straight

Why Coordination is needed in football?

Because... You need 2 be able 2 kick the ball

What is a coordination sport?

Baseball, Football??

Why is Coordination needed in football?

because ..

How do you use coordination in football?

Co-ordination in football Co-ordination in football

What kind of training do need for a football player?

Football players need several types of training. They need strength training, endurance training, and speed training. They will also have to work on their coordination with a variety of exercises.

What can you do to be the best football player?

have good hand coordination

What are skills that you need for football?

Speed. Quickness. Hand Eye Coordination Upper and Lower Body Strength Stamina Agility Toughness

What sport needs coordination?

all sports need coordination- esp gymnastics

Define Coordination What is the needs of coordination?

You need the coordnations to move to each planet.

Why do you need coordination in sprinting?

you need coordination in sprinting because coordination is basically Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately. This may involve the senses, muscular contractions and joint movements.

What sports need no coordination?


Do doctors need coordination?

Of course they do!

What are the fitness components of a middle in touch football?

you have to have aerobic capacity, coordination and speed

Why is coordination used in sport?

Coordination is used in almost every sport because if you are coordinated you are able to catch a ball or throw a ball to were you intend to. Or in Baseball you need coordination to swing at the right time when the ball is at the right place. Also for instance in soccer you need coordination to be able to dribble and do certain moves on the field, and the same thing applies for basketball. You need to be able to hit the ball up in the air accurately in volleyball so this sport needs coordination. Here are a few more sports that i didn't name that also need coordination lacrosse, archery, fishing, wrestling, boxing, football, gun competitions, swim team, paint ball, airsoft, hunting, ext.

Do swimmers need coordination?

yes. because if they don't have coordination, they couldn't execute a stroke properly. . .

Approaches for effective coordination?

1. Using basic management techniques.2. Increasing coordination potentials.3. Reducing the need coordination.

Do you need coordination to play hockey?


What sports do you need coordination?

Every sport.

Why is agility need in football?

Agility is the ability to shift one's position in an efficient manner. This requires balance, coordination and stamina. Football is a physically engaging game that requires all these elements. There is a lot of movement, dribbling, bending and turning in football and thus the need for one to be agile. Better answer than the last one!

What are the basic skills used in football?

The most basic skills in football are dribbling, tackling, shooting, passing & communication!!!! you need speed, hand eye coordination, upper and lower body strength, stamina, agility, and toughness.

Why do you need coordination for basketball?

Because you need to CATCH THE BALL!! dummy

Why do you need coordination in volleyball?

Due to the introvertical side of the game you need coordination to be able to kick the ball hard into the air. Digging or passing the ball is essential in volleyball and in order to pass the ball you need to have good coordination. In other words you can't be tight, you need to be loose.