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Make sure your air tank is full and properly attached

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Q: Why wouldn't a Triton II paintball gun have enough built up pressure to fire?
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Why doesn't a Triton II paintball gun have enough air pressure to fire?

Either you have a defect in the gun/canister or you havn't charged your canister. If you just got your gun you should charge it. Usually they do not come with air in them.

Will a paintball splatter?

A paintball will splatter if it hits something at a high enough velocity.

How much force does a paintball gun have?

Surpisingly, a paintball "impact" to exposed skin is MORE painful than an actual 22 caliber to a .380 caliber bullet. I know first hand (7.62 however with a homeade Haji reload.Hajis use spent bullet casings and add "black powder" and homemade projectiles) . However with that being said, of course a bullet will do much more damage. The difference is a bullet easily pierces the skin and therefore less pain is involved "from the intial impact ONLY" . A paintball hits a wider area and since it does NOT break the skin(in most cases) there is greater skin trauma upon a paintballs impact. Paintballs are .68 caliber projectiles. The world wide speed limit for paintball "markers" is 300 ft. per second. I imagine you can calculate the exact force with the above numbers. Bullets can reach speeds upwards of 1600 ft. per second. If you are hit in the eye with a paintball travelling at 300 fps, you WILL most likely die and assuredly be blinded. A paintball at 300 fps are supposed to "break" and therefore lessen any skin trauma but it does hurt! However some idiots freeze their paintballs and many have been hurt blinded and yes even killed from frozen paintballs. Although a world wide speed limit of 300 fps is strictly enforced with chronographs at ALL sanctioned fields, a paintball marker much like a a sports car compared to the 65 mph speed limit can go MUCH faster and can be fired at upwards of 400+ fps. If ANY individual is caught with a tuned up marker will be banned for life at any sanctioned event

Can you just add a hpa tank to any paintball gun?

Yes, as long as its output pressure is high enough to operate the gun (higher for tippmanns, spyders).

Can you go to high school on a paintball scholarship?

No. Paintball teams generally don't make enough money for scholarships.

Is 2 million dollars enough to retire on?

yes who wouldnt

How do you build a paintball gun'?

Building one by yourself is very dangerous unless you have VERY solid knowledge in Pneumatics and Air-smithing. Paintball guns run at high enough pressure that a poorly built body will burst and possibly damage nearby people/things.

Could playing paintball possibly make me less careful and safe with real guns?

If you aren't mature enough to play paintball, you aren't mature enough to use firearms. There is no way you can confuse paintball or vidoegames or airsoft for what you should be doing with actual guns, unless you are not old enough to use guns.

Will a low pressure paintball tank affect the performance of a high operating pressure marker?

Yes, if you have a low-pressure tank it may only be putting out 200-300psi of pressure. High pressure guns can sometimes take a minimum ot 600-800psi to function properly. If you don't have enough pressure for your gun it will not work correctly.

How do you fix a paintball gun if its spring won't go back when you plug in the Co2?

If that's the case then your intake valve or tank is having issues or not providing enough pressure to cycle the marker.

Is 2 acres enough to create a paintball field?

you can play in two acres.

If you get shot at paintball does it hurt?

yes but only a litlebit but not enough to make you cry

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