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h was the greatest Baseball player to ever live

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Q: Why would you pick Babe Ruth to be on your baseball team?
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What round or pick was Babe Ruth in?

babe Ruth was picked in the 5 round

Who is better than Babe Ruth?

I don't think anyone is better than Babe Ruth was, but if I had to pick someone, I'd pick Hank Aaron or Willy Mays

What is the cheepest website to buy a bat signed by Babe Ruth?

The answer to this question is simple . . . Coaches corner auctions The only thing is , everything they sell is garbage , with garbage COA's . You get what you pay for , if you pick up a Babe Ruth signed baseball bat for a couple of hundred bucks , or even a couple of thousand bucks, it's undoubtedly a forgery . If I had a babe Ruth autographed baseball bat to auction or sell , it would be done through a reputable auction house and would be authenticated by either JSA or PSA. Without either of those authenticators signing off on it , Ill pass . You can expect to pay about 20-50 K for a Babe Ruth game usd baseball bat and it will come with outstanding provenance , proving it is such

How many oz did Babe Ruths baseball batBlack Betsy weigh?

There are two main things you notice when you pick up these bats. One, they're big. The Ruth and Shoeless Joe bats are 36 inches long and weigh 38-48 ounces, depending on whose scale you trust. Next, with the exception of the Ruth bat, the handles are much thicker than modern bats.

Who is the greatest New York Yankee of all time?

That's hard to pick from because the Yankees have the best, but I guess that I would have to say Babe Ruth because he is amazing. He is not my favorite player of all time, that's Mantle, but Ruth is probably the best Yankee, actually forget the best Yankee hitter of all time, the that he is one of the best hitters of all time.

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