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probably from sand from the deserts near by...

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Q: Why would there be tan dust on the deck of a sailboat when sailing near Gibraltar?
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What is the top of a sailboat called?

That would be the deck.

In the song lyric Sailing Sailing Over the Bounding Main what does Bounding Main refer to?

The "main" refers to the ocean and "bounding" describes it's action as felt from the deck of a sailboat.

If you are sailing as a deck cadet from India how much sea time is required by deck cadets in order to become a second mate?

no sailing is required

What deck on a sailing ship is painted red?

There is no convention for it nowadays but it used to be the medical deck on a man'o'war to disguise the blood on the deck

Sailing and card games have in common?

They both use a deck.

Is it legal to put progrip on the deck of a laser sailing dinghy?


What is the frame on the deck of a sailing boat to to which the detachable mast is fixed?


What is the lowest deck of a wooden sailing ship of thee or more decks?

The bilge.

What is a frame on the deck of a sailing boat to hold a detachable mast CALLED?


What is the sailing ship deck called where the wheel is located?

Often on the 'poop' deck. Though it can often be elsewhere. Aft in the cockpit for instance.

Is an orlop deck part of a ship?

Yes; it is the lowest deck on a wooden sailing ship containing three or more decks.

Is an orlep deck part of a ship?

No, but the orlop deck is the lowest deck of a wooden sailing ship with three or more decks.

When is a sailboat a stand on vessel in relation to a powerboat?

When it has a broad and slip-free deck, including rails that allows it. Power boats are made fro speed and it would be unwise to attempt to stand on the small deck are at speed from danger of being thrown off.

How many ropes are there on a sailing craft?

On sailboats and sailing ships, once a rope has a purpose or a taskm it is nearly always referred to as a line, not a rope. There can be 5-15 ropes on a typical sailing ship, The common ones you can find on a sailboat include - Bell rope (to ring the bell) Tiller rope (to hold the tiller) Leech rope (a part of the sail) Luff rope (a part of the sail) Bolt rope (a part of the sail) Rope (a new line that has no purpose or place, most likely stored below deck)

Why is the lower deck of a ship called steerage section?

Because in sailing ships, that section would contain the tiller, which connected the ships wheel to the rudder and steered the vessel.

What is the gun port in a ship?

On Sailing ships of old. The "Gun Deck" (Cannons) was the deck just below the top deck. The Cannons were faced out of the side of a ship through port holes called "Gun ports."

What were some of Ferdinand Magellan's difficulties?

Ferdinand Magellan's difficulties were the scurvy, sailing into the unknown and the mutiny on deck.

What does a boat's J mean?

the J dimension of a sailboat is the length from the forestay attachment on the deck to the mast.for sizing a headsail (jib/genoa) a 100% jib would have an LP (or approximately foot) of J, a #1 jib would have a 155% the length of J.

What deck is better an Infernity deck or a Exodia deck?

It would be a Destiny board deck or final countdown deck.

What P is the name of the raised structue at the stern of a vessel esp a sailing ship?

This raised structure is known as the 'Poop' deck.

A type of historical sailing ship with upper deck cut away?

Both single- and two-deckers, "razees" (two-decker S.O.L.s with the upper deck cut off, offering a sturdy hull and good armament, but retaining the dull sailing qualities of the original) or purpose-built heavy-armed frigates

Can I find out what the cruise deck plan is for the ship I'm sailing on?

I would recommend asking your holiday company or consulting with your travel agent for the best advice, although websites like have a lot of deck plans available online or the main cruiseliners.

What type of sailing vessel did Columbus use on his initial voyage to the Western Hemisphere?

Christopher Columbus used the type of sailing vessel called a caravel. Caravels were a common sailing ship built in the 15th and 16th centuries. They were small ships with a broad bow, a high narrow poop deck, and usually had three masts.

What are the important parts of a old sailing ship?

The captain and crew, wheel, keel, hull, deck, masts, sails, anchors, cannons, signalling flags, and rigging are all very important parts of 'an old sailing ship'.

What do you call the small boats large sailing boats in the 1800's used to keep on deck for going ashore?

Deck boats, dinghys, pinnace, dory, liberty boat are just a few names