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the heat from all the people

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Would an increase in contractility cause an increase to cardiac output?

Yes - an increase in contractility would lead to an increase in stroke volume. An increased stroke volume would cause an increased cardiac output.

How would an increase in the sympathetic nervous system increase stroke volume?

increased contractility

How would an increase in sympathetic nervous system increase stroke volume?

an increased heart contractability

What would happen to cardiac output if the stroke volume increased and the heart rate stayed the same?

Since the stroke volume increased then the cardiac out put would increase, pumping out more blood with the same amount of heart beats.

Which of the following would cause the greatest increase in cardiac output?

Increased heart rate and increased stroke volume

Which of the following would increase cardiac output to the greatest extent?

increased heart rate and increased stroke volume.

How does crank angle effect volume of cylinder?

The crank angle would change the stroke. The stroke would change the volume.

Would stroke volume increase or decrease if your unhealthy?

increase because the more unhealthy you are leads to you to eating more unhealthy things witch can cause strokes

Why would an increase in stroke volume lead to a drop in resting heart rate?

I may be guessing here but I am thinking with an increase in stroke volume you body is getting more volume per beat ... therefore it compensates by lowering the heart rate. if your pump is more efficient then you body doesn't need your heart to pump as often. That's the only rationale i can think would cause it!

How would a decrease in blood volume affect both stroke volume and cardiac output?

decreased stroke volume and no change in cardiac output

If you wanted to describe an increase in volume to your class which of the following objects would be the best item to use?

A soccer ball and a pump

What objects would you use to describe an increase in volume?

what object would you use to describe an increase in volume? 1. a wooden box with holes 2. a rock and a cup of water 3. ice in a glass and a thermometer 4. a soccer ball and a pump

Why would stroke volume increase when heart rate slows down?

When the heart rate slows down, EDV, or end-diastolic volume is increased. There is more time for ventricular filling to occur.

Would increase the volume of a gas?

Decreasing the pressure or increasing the temperature would increase the volume of ideal gas in a closed container with variable volume.V = nRT / P

When the volume of gas decreases would the pressure increase or decrease?

It would increase.

What would happen to a balloon placed in a warm oven?

It would increase in volume. According to Charles' Law, as you increase temperature the volume will increase as well. So if you would put it in a freezer, it would shrink because as you decrease temperature, you decrease volume.

If a gas is contained in rigid containers raising its temperature will increase its volume?

No, if the gas is in a rigid container how would the volume increase? The pressure would increase with rises in temperature.

In which situation would the stroke volume be the greatest?

When venous return is increased

If the temperature of a gas were to increase would the volume increase?

no the presure would become greater unless the contianer became larger the volume would stay the same

How would the volume of a cell increase from osmosis?

Because, water oozes into the cell resulting in increase in cell volume

Which change in pressure would result in the increase in the volume of a gas?

A decrease in pressure would result in the increase in the volume of a gas provided that the temperature is constant.

When volume increases does density increase or decrease?

Assuming mass does not also increase, then density decreases if volume increases. For example, let's say Mass= 100 and Volume= 50 Density would = 2 Now, lets increase the volume. Mass would still = 100, and let's increase the volume to 75. Density would then equal 1.333... 2 is greater than 1.333.... so yes, density decreases as volume increases.

Would the volume of a gas increase or decrease if the temperature of the gas was increased?

According to the combined gas law, volume and temperature are directly related. Therefore, if temperature increased, volume would also increase.

How would an increase in evaporation affect the density of ocean water?

It would increase the density of sea water as water volume is reduced and salt volume remains unchanged

What would be the effect on red cell volume if distilled water were administered intravenously?

RBC volume would increase.