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why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

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Q: Why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?
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What components of fitness do you need for jogging?

You need cardiovascular endurance :)

What are the top 8 fitness components for jogging?

Muscular Endurance

What are two exercises for cardiovascular endurance muscular endurance flexibility and muscular strength?

Two very good excercies for cardio endurance are skipping and jogging these 2 execises will also tone and work on the strength of your legs Hope this helps

Is jogging healthy?

Yes, jogging is healthy. Jogging will help your cardiovascular system. It will also build endurance and muscles.

What component of fitness must you have for jogging?

Cardio respiratory endurance?

What are some tests for assessing each of the health-related components of fitness?

To test each of the five components of fitness, one could try jogging or swimming (cardiovascular endurance), bench press or bicep curl (muscular strength), cycling (muscular endurance), stretch or lunging (flexibility), and underwater weighing or Skinfold reading (body composition). Other important factors such as balance and agility are not tested. Before deciding to undergo fitness testing, make sure you know why they are being done and determine if it is safe for you to participate.

What are some muscular strength and endurance exercises?

For muscular press/push-ups for the arms. Endurance is probably sit ups or jogging/sprinting. These have to be done regularly.

What does cardiovascular endurance have to do with gymnastics?

Compared to many other sports gymnastics is not oriented towards cardiovascular fitness. Because strength and power are so important in gymnastics, too much work on endurance exercises actually reduces strength. The only endurance important in gymnastics is muscular endurance. Events such as women's uneven bars, men's high bar, parallel bars, rings and pommel horse require more muscular endurance and strength. The longest routines are no more than 90 seconds for men and women's floor exercise and the balance beam. Floor exercise requires a cardio-fitness foundation but this is the only event in gymnastics. Most high level gymnasts work endurance by performing routines and stay away from jogging and other forms of aerobic exercise. The primary focus in training is short-term energy systems, strength, power and speed.

Why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscle injuries?

bcuz it would not be fun or energetic (by john) I don't get the question. Joggers need and develop cardiovascular fitness. They don't need muscle injuries.

What is a good sport to play to improve youre Cardiovascular Fitness?

racketball is good as it is anaerobic also jogging helps

What are the examples of cardio-respiratory endurance?

the examples of cardio-respiratory endurance are aerobic exercises,running,jogging,swimming, and praying

What sport uses cardiovascular endurance?

swimming, jogging, jumping rope...etc. Something that is related to health of heart, lungs, and blood.

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