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Depending on the level of the foul or bad behavior (taking someone out by purposely harming them), a player may receive a yellow or a red card. The red card is more serious.

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Q: Why would a player be given a yellow or red card in soccer?
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Why would a soccer player be given a yellow or red card?

usually for mouthing off to the ref, or unnecessary roughness or a dirty tackle or a late tackle or even stalling, or many other things

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In soccer does 3 yellow cards equal 1 red card?

The player would be sent off after the second caution, not the third.

What are two ways besides getting two yellows that a player would get a red card in soccer?

A player can get 2 yellow cards which = a red card and also get a straight red card. Also a player can get a yellow card but then without getting a 2nd yellow card the player can recieve a straight rad card

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Can you block a shot standing at the back of a player?

In football (soccer) that would be a no. It is deemed a tackle from behind and a foul. A definet yellow and a pssible red card offence.

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What is the penalty for not reporting a goalie change to the referee in soccer?

According to the Laws of the Game, this would be sanctioned by cautioning the goalie and the player that switched and showing them both yellow cards.

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