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Because they score more points than the other team.

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Q: Why would a football team win?
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When would a football team decide to punt?

A team would decide to punt the football in their final down. They would punt the ball to relinquish the ball if the team is struggling to win the game.

How can you write a sentence with when and win?

The fans wondered when their football team would win their first game .

Who would win between the Detroit Lions and the best High School football team in America?

The Detroit Lions would win, because the NFL pulls out the best of the best college football players and college football takes the best high school football players. The Lions would win easy.

How do you win in football?

You win in football by scoring more points then the other team.

Who was the last team to win the old football first division?

Leeds United was the last team to win the old football first division.

Who would win in a football community shield Chelsea or Manchester city?

Chelsea would win a Community Shield because Manchester City is a sucker of a team!

Which English football team is the first to win against an Italian football team at home?

Manchester City surely ?

Did Oregon Ducks Football Team win Yesterday?


Who would win in a football match Joe or Kayla?

Joe would win in a football match

Who would win for football goshen or concord in 2011?

Concord because they have a better and big team and has a better recored

What does a tackle do in football?

A tackle helps your team from the other team getting the ball. So if I tackled someone in football I am trying to help my team win.

How do you create a team?

In order to create a team, you first must look for a common cause. Usually, the cause is to win some competition, whether it be football, quiz bowl, or an election. Starting your team involves recruitment of people who agree with you on what or how that competition should be won. For example, you want the football team you create to beat every other team out there. First, you find people who agree that your team should win. Then, those who want to participate will join your team and you will train and practise in order to win. That is just the beginning, however. In order to officially be a football team, you would have to register with an organization or maybe start your own organization. You would then play other teams within that organization.

How does a team win in pro football in overtime?

First team to score on overtime wins

Is Sheffield United a good football team?

They are a fantastic team as they have played for 122 years of football there gonna get promoted and win the league 1 they was bad last season but this season they are covering the gaps and I think they would by 2nd or 1st

Who was the first British football club to win the European Cup?

Celtic was the first team to win.

Who will win football south Africa world cup 2010?

The best team will win at the end ...

What football team will win out of green bay or giants over or under?

Green bay will win!

How do you win a football game by the score of 5 to 2?

The team that scored 5 points would have one safety and one field goal and the team that scored 2 points would have one safety.

What was the first college football team to win the SEC?


Why is teamwork important in American football?

To win you need to be a team.

Who was the first football team to win the fa cup?

my grama

Which football team was the first to win the fa cup?


Who was the first team to win the football world cup?


Did the Illini West Football team win yesterday?


Did the saints football team win their playoff game on Friday?