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because they didn't a lot of money back then.

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Q: Why were things so cheap in the olden days?
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Why in the olden days was it so hard to find work?

Because they didn't have the stuff we have now so it was hard to find a lot of things.

How do people save in the olden days?

In the olden days there were no banks so people used to keep their money under their heads

Why did people in the olden days look so ugly?


How railroads work in olden days?

It hard to say so forget about it .......hehehe

Why are people so strict in the olden days?

the answer is that people wanted their children to be smart and have good future lives

Why is it so cheap?

Some things are cheap because it costs less to produce them. Things are also cheap if the materials used to create them are inexpensive.

What is the change in entertainment in olden days and modern days?

umm I think there is more tecnology now so they are more advanced and more to do ! but IM STILL BORED

In olden days the value of money was very less but now there is a drastic change in the value of money so show the changing value of money from olden days to present day?

Gas used to be a $00.05 now it's $2.50 and coke used to be $00.01 now it's $1.00 so it a drastic effect.

Did they have speakers for TV's in the olden days?

From the very first broadcasts, sound accompanied pictures in televisions so all televisions had speakers.

How are Salmon harvested?

smoking them on sticks in the olden days and also as food-eat it.

Where can I avail for a cheap business class flight these days?

These days, nothing come cheap. With the ongoing crisis around the world, everything is getting expensive. So this explains that you can not get cheap business class flight.

Why is a lunar month longer than the days it takes the moon to orbit the earth?

because in the olden days people usedto think the year was 336 days long insted of 365 days so every month was 28 days