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Because to represnt the countries of the world and the world peace

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Q: Why were the colours blue black yellow green and red on a white background used?
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What colours are the Olympics ring?

green, yellow,blue,red, black

What do the olympic cymbols mean?

All the colours: red,black,blue,green and yellow all on a white background. Every flag in the world has One of those colours in.

Why were the colours blue yellow black green and red on the white background used?

Because to represnt the countries of the world and the world peace

What are the colours of each ring?

blue, black, red, yellow, green

What are the reggae colours?

red,yellow,green and black

Why were the colours blue black red yellow and green chosen?

why was black blue yellow red green chosen for the flag

What color is not on the flag of any country?

The colours which ARE on the Olympic flag are Red Blue Green Yellow and Black on a White background. Any other colours than these are not on the Olympic flag.

What colours go with green?

i think that orange,yellow and black go with green

Which five colors are used in the Olympic rings logo?

The colours are blue, black, red, yellow and green. These colours represented the continents that participated in the Olympic Games. Blue for Europe, Black for Africa, Red for America, Yellow for Asia and Green for Australasia(Australia and the other countries around)

What are the colours or each ring?

red, yellow, blue, green, black

What colours is the ZZR1400 available in?

The Kawasaki ZZR1400 motorcycle is available in the colours lime green, blue, black, black and green, red, white, yellow, and a large amount of other colours.

What are the colours of the jamaican flag?

the colors on the jamaican flag are actually green, black and gold