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It was likely due to them being worn by tennis players before the match as a style of dress.

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Q: Why were tennis bracelets given that name?
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Tennis bracelets are characterized by narrow bands of gold or silver, and usually containing diamonds. The term was allegedly coined when tennis player, Chris Evert, accidentally broke such a bracelet while playing at the U.S. Open in 1987, and time was given for her to recover the diamonds that fell off the bracelet.

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Tennis Bracelets Endure While Still Featuring New Trends?

When you're looking for a classic fashion item that can dress up any outfit, you should consider investing in a top quality tennis bracelet to suit your style. A tennis bracelet will never go out of fashion, as this reliable piece of jewelry has been a fashion staple for many women for years. However, the tennis bracelet does get reinvented every so often, making it easy for you to find a design that will easily fit into your wardrobe. This season, check out tennis bracelets with accent gemstones and uniquely shaped diamonds. One of the most popular trends in tennis bracelets is alternating gemstones or accent stones. Many women love to choose tennis bracelets that are accented by their favorite gemstones or their birthstone, and there are tennis bracelets available in all colors. This is also an easy way to choose a tennis bracelet that coordinates to your outfit. You can choose a tennis bracelet with sapphire accents to match a blue evening gown, or a tennis bracelet with ruby accents to match that fabulous red sweater. Other popular trend in tennis bracelets is uniquely shaped diamonds. While many standard tennis bracelets included simple oval shaped gemstones, many designs now feature other shapes as well. Heart shaped stones make popular gifts for anniversaries and Valentine's Day, while cushion cut stones are one of the most fashionable new designs for every day wear. You can also choose from alternating shapes in gemstones, as some bracelets will feature diamonds in one shape with the accent stones in another. It's important to consider both the color and shape of each gemstone in any tennis bracelet you purchase, as well as to look at the quality and clarity of the stones. Many women prefer their tennis bracelets to be set in either white gold or yellow gold, so it's also a good idea to choose a tennis bracelet based on the setting and how it coordinates with the stones. A tennis bracelet is an enduring fashion choice for a reason, as they are easy to wear and go easily with nearly every outfit in your closet.

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