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Q: Why were slaves not allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics?
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Where slaves in ancient Greece allowed to talk whenever they wanted?

The slaves of ancient Greece were allowed to talk, as long as the talking did not get in the way of their work.

Why did the new colonists of Georgia demand slaves?

The colonist believed that they could compete economically with SC only if they were allowed to have slaves.

Did the slaves in ancient Egypt have no rights?

They were allowed to marry.

Is there important facts about the ancient Olympics?

Women were not allowed to compete. Married women were not allowed to watch because the men would be nude and the women would be held in disgrace. Only free men (not slaves), that could speak Greek were allowed to compete. Once you enter you cannot leave the Olympics. No one can start earlier and other competitors; if they do they would get beaten or disqualified. In general if people disobeyed the Olympic rules then they would have to pay a fine and the money would help build statues of Zeus or they'd get whipped. If married women were found watching the Olympics, they would be thrown off Mountain Typaion, Wrestlers were not allowed to use oil because it would protect their skin from dirt and sun light. For example, if someone grabbed an opponent's arm with oil on it, it would be hard for the wrestler to hold on, therefore it is an advantage to the opponent and harder for the wrestler to grab on.

Were girls alowed in the first Olympics?

No women, no slaves were alowed to take part in the ancient Olympic Games.

Who was allowed to participate in Ancient Roman Olympic Games?

Men were allowed to enter the Olympics but, young boys were also allowed, this was not determined by age but if the boy was bearded or not so their was no cheating. Women were also allowed in the case that they owned a horse that was being used; as long as it was a man. Other than that it was strictly boys and men. -Seamus There were no ancient Roman Olympics, there were the Gladiatorial sports and funeral games but no Olympics. The ancient Greeks held the Olympics which was called the Olympiad. Next time please check your facts before you spout random nonsense.

Were women and slaves allowed to participate in ancient Greece democracry?

No, participation was limited to adult male citizens.

Were men or women more powerful in the Ancient Athens?

Men- the women werent aloud to participate in the olympics, they were practically the mens slaves.

Where women allowed at the ancient olyimpic games?

Never.There where 3 main criteria for participation in the games:FIRST you HAD to be male,SECOND you had to be Greek,THIRD you had to be a free MAN. Women slaves and foreigners where excluded.Although women were not allowed in the Olympic Games, they still practised sport. At Olympia (back then it was called Olympia not Olympics, young girls had there own games, the Heraia, in honour of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. These competitions were held every four years and consisted of running races only.

Were there slaves in ancient America?

Yes there were slaves in ancient america.

Who were the participants of the ancient Olympics?

The Greeks invented the games to honour health, beauty, and their Gods. Only Greek mmales were allowed to play in the games. The Greek men competed in the nude. This even was an all male affair as any woman found observing the games was subject to execution.

What did slave owners keep there slaves from doing?

Slaves owners deprived their slaves of the many things we, today, take for granted. Slaves were not allowed education, they were not allowed to go out how and when they wanted, they were not allowed to vote, they were not allowed to compain when they are abused, and slaves were not allowed to sleep in bed and wear proper clothing.