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The players were on strike during the season.

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Q: Why wasn't the Stanley Cup not awarded after the 1918 season?
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When was the the first Stanley Cup awarded to the champion hockey team of the NHL?

The NHL was formed in 1917 and the Stanley Cup awarded to its first champion in 1918. Previously the cup was awarded as the "Dominion of Canada Challenge Cup" and was awarded to the top amateur team in Canada starting in 1893 to Montreal HC. As a side note the "winged wheel" of the Detroit logo was actually taken from the Montreal HC.

When was Julian Stanley born?

Julian Stanley was born in 1918.

When was Stanley McNail born?

Stanley McNail was born in 1918.

When was Stanley E. Bogdan born?

Stanley E. Bogdan was born in 1918.

When was Stanley G. Grizzle born?

Stanley G. Grizzle was born in 1918.

When was Joseph Stanley Kimmitt born?

Joseph Stanley Kimmitt was born in 1918.

Who won the Stanley cup in 1918?

The Toronto Arenas

What has the author Stanley Spencer written?

Stanley Spencer has written: 'Stanley Spencer's Great War diary, 1915-1918'

When was Julian C. Stanley Jr. born?

Julian C. Stanley Jr. was born in 1918.

When did Stanley Wallace Rosevear die?

Stanley Wallace Rosevear died on 1918-04-25.

Did Toronto win Stanley cup in 1918 and 1922?


How many Stanley Cup games have there been?

Number of Stanley Cup Games497 games. In the 1918-1919 season there was a flu epidemic so there was no Stanley Cup awarded (it was canceled after the 5th game). In 2004-05 was the NHL Lockout; the whole season was canceled. From 1893-1911 they only played one game (winner take all) each year. 1912 they tried two games, in 1913 went back to one, then in 1914 went to the best out of 3. 1927 started the best of 5 series and finally in 1939 started the best of 7.

How many Stanley Cups did the Toronto Arenas win?

The Toronto Arenas won one Stanley Cup in 1918.

When was Stanley Hough born?

Stanley Hough was born on July 23, 1918, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When was the Stanley cup not presented?

There have been two occasions when the Cup has not been prersented: 1) In 1918/19 season, the Stanley Cup final had to be canceled when a lot of players fell sick and one died because of the Spanish Flu epidemic. 2) in2004/05 season, the Cup was not presented because of the labour dispute that caused the NHL to lock out its players and cancel the season.

How many times has the Toronto arenas won the Stanley cup?

Once in 1918.

When was Stanley Cowan born?

Stanley Cowan was born on February 3, 1918, in New York City, New York, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Honest Thief - 1918?

The cast of The Honest Thief - 1918 includes: Helene Chadwick Edwin Stanley

What position did babe Ruth play for in 1918?

Ruth was a pitcher, first baseman, and outfielder in the 1918 season. 1918 was the first season of his career that he played anything other than pitcher.

What team won the Serie A in 1918?

Serie A's first season was the 1929/30 season, so it did not exist in the 1917/1918 season. There were other leagues in place prior to then. Due to World War I the main league was not played in the 1917/1918 season, so there was no winner.

Why did Fritz Haber win The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918?

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1918 was awarded to Fritz Haber for the synthesis of ammonia from its elements.

What season did carlisle found edward in 1918?


What was significant about the 1918 Alabama football season?

They didn't field a team in 1918 due to World War I.

When did Eddie Rickenbacker get the medal of honor?

He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1931 for actions on 14 SEPT 1918.

What kind of medal was the 1914 1918 Fire Cross?

The 1914 - 1918 Fire Cross was a Belgian military decoration awarded to all holders of the so-called "Fire Card" which was awarded to all who came under fire at the front during the First World War.