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Because the IOC does not see it as a sport.

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Q: Why was tumbling abandoned from the Olympics?
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Will power tumbling be in olympics 2012?

No unfortunately tumbling will not be in the 2012 Olympics. It had been applied for but did not make it, hopefully it may get in for 2016. It's such an amazing sport!

Will tumbling be in the 2012 summer Olympics?

u mean trampoline tumbling? i think so. but I'm sure artistic and rhythmic are

When was Tumbling After created?

Tumbling After was created in 2003.

When was tumbling created?

Tumbling After was created in 2003.

What is tumbling?

Gymnastics teaches you everything,parellel bars,balence beam and such, where tumbling focuses more on flips, and stunts. yes that is what it is. i take tumbling lessons and it is just floor exercises tumbling is more power tumbling and also includes double mini and trampoline

When was Tumbling Tumbleweeds created?

Tumbling Tumbleweeds was created in 1934.

When was Tumbling Dice created?

Tumbling Dice was created on -19-11-07.

Is a handstand considered tumbling?

no, tumbling is more powerful such as a round-off back handspring.

What are the release dates for Tumbling After - 2010?

Tumbling After - 2010 was released on: USA: December 2010

Tumbling ln gymnastic?

tumbling is deffinately in gymnastics. that's what a floor routene is made of....

What are the objectives of tumbling?

The objectives of tumbling are to get fit, become more flexible, and to have more balance.

What are some easy tumbling passes?

One easy tumbling pass is to do a cartwheel and then a backwalkover.