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Just like other games, someone came up with an idea for an activity that they thought would be fun and entertaining. Other people learned of this game and they, too, thought this activity would be entertaining. Over time, as more people learned of the game and watched the game and played the game, popularity in the game increased. So someone comes up with a standard set of rules on how to play the game, these rules become accepted by those that play, and in essance, the game is invented.

Football was created as part of a "Carnival" from the Latin "carnem levare" meaning 'to eliminate meat' observed by Christians. Medieval Europe ball games were played as part of the festivities observed in the Christian calendar between Epiphany and Easter Sunday and in particular Shrovetide the day before lent. These ball games were played in different areas under different names taken from different languages. The format of the games also varied from one place to another but the same basic essential concepts of how the game was played were the same. These games include "Caid" meaning 'Ball' Ireland the ancestor of Gaelic football, "Calcio" played in Florence Italy, Cornish Hurling "Hyrlîan", Welsh Hurling "Cnapan", a game called "La Soule" meaning 'The Ball' played in Northern France, "Ba" pronounced baw meaning 'Ball' played in Scotland and "Ball play" or "Playing at ball" or significantly "fote-ball" played in England. Some of these games have survived to the present day see link Shrovetide football. It is from these games all modern football games evolved and the game played in England called fote-ball it is the game which was first coded as a physical education subject in English Public school. This game was spread to the English speaking world where it evolved into all modern codes of football.

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Q: Why was the sport of football invented?
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