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Q: Who inspired camp's inspiration to invent football?
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Where concentration camps advertised to Germany before the holocaust?

One inspiration for these camps was, believe it or not, the systematic extermination of Native Americans from America by the Whites who colonized it.

Are there any summer football camps for my son in Detroit?

Yes, there are., is a summer football camp for kids run by the Detroit Lions. has listing of other camps, as well.

Does Birmingham, Alabama have any summer youth football camps?

You have many options because Birmingham, Alabama does have youth football camps. Here is the link to one that I found:

When football starts?

Preseason camps start in August.

What are some good football camps in Georgia?

University of Georgia Bulldogs Camp, or Fairplay Jaguars Football Camp

Why did Hitler invent concentration camps?

he didn't, he just introduced them to Germany. It was to create social peace and combat terrorism.

Where can I get information about summer football camps for my son?

I used to find a camp for my son last summer and it was great. I would try asking the football coach at school for summer camp recommendations. If your interested in football kicking camps, try or

Where can you find a list of football kicking camps in Texas?

you can type "kicking camps in texas" or "Texas kicking camps" in That is the easiest way. has a good kicking camp in Texas every year.

What are some good youth football camps in Florida?

My son has attended several of the Kids And Pros camps. Check out their testimonnials

What are some good football camps in Massachusetts?

Williams college, in a williamstown, ma.

Which of the following describes a major impact of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?

It served as a symbol of anti-Nazi resistance that inspired Jews in prison camps.

What time of year is most common for football recruiting?

Football recruiting for colleges normally begin in the summer time. They mainly stake out students that go to football camps and rate them on different tasks that they can/can't do.

Are there any football youth camps near Baton Rouge?

Yes, there is one camp that has devoted football students in it. Baton Rouge has an AllStar Kids Football program for avid football players that you can find out more information about in

What classes does a college football player have to take?

the simple ones in college so you can pass the grade and get good grades. Also football camps in the summer

Is there any type of football coaching camp or any way to get some type of experience if you are 15. I know a lot about football and I was wondering if there was any way to learn and make connections?

yea check into the nike sparq camps/combines and check out some local camps like at a local high school or college

How many high school kickers receive college scholarships?

We actually give a presentation about this at our kicking camps. To even get a college football scholarship, let alone be a kicker with a football scholarship, you need to be in at least the top 5% of the nation to even think about it. Furthermore, being a kicker means you have to be the very best of the best. We discuss what it takes to get a ncaa football scholarship at our kicking camps. Check us out at

How many football clubs are there in the Hamburg area?

The exact number of football clubs in the Hamburg area cannot be found, as there could be private camps that are not calculated, but as for those that are known, according to Wikipedia, is 18.

What were other options were there other than internement camps?

Concentraton camps are about the only viable choice when you have 300,000 prisoners of war at one time. The problem lies in taking away the civil liberties of people who ARE NOT soldiers. Examples include Nazi Germany and their camps for Jews, another is the United States and their camps for Japanese, Italians, and Germans mostly in Texas and Montana. But make no mistake, Hitler did not invent the concept. He invented the cruelty and experimentation on civilians . The English, for example 'way before the Nazis were around, used concentration camps.

What is Walter camps full name the inventor of football?

The game of football played in America was developed through rules started by Walter Chauncey Camp. His main contributions were the line of scrimmage and downs as in first down etc.

Is the book Surviving Hitler a true story?

Yes, the front and back of the book state how the author (Andrea Warren) became inspired to write Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps.

Which football team has its ground in two countries?

No major club has a stadium in two countries man utd only has old Trafford because it's been built in Manchester and it will only be the only stadium for them so basically no football team has a stadium in two countries. International football have camps but not two different grounds

What types of camps are offered by Eagle Lake Camps in Colorado Springs?

Eagle Lake Camps in Colorado Springs offer many types of camps. These include overnight camps and day camps. As well as this there are Rez camps, Horse camps and Excursion camps.

How many camps are there?

You need to specify the kind of camps: Boy Scout camps, summer camps, military training camps, concentration camps.

What were the first seven major camps?

Concentration camps , transit camps , forced labour camps (aka) "work camps" , and death camps.

Why did they called it concentration camps instead of death camps?

All camps were technically concentration camps, generally the extermination camps were called 'death camps'.