Why was the megaphone made?

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to allow the crowd to hear the cheerleaders easier and louder without the cheerleader having to yell as much

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Q: Why was the megaphone made?
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What is the chemical formula for a megaphone?

A megaphone does not have a chemical formula. It is not a pure chemical substance.It is made of plastic and metal mostly. Each megaphone is constructed differently.

What part of speech is megaphone?

Megaphone is a noun.

MySims Agents how do you get the megaphone?

go on the boardwalk. go behind the surfshop, and there are boxes made like stairs. climb up them and go by the big sign. there are megaphones on top of the sign. grab the megaphone. ta da! a megaphone! :)

What is a megaphone?

A megaphone is something cheerleaders speak into to be louder!

Is megaphone ionic or molecular?

The megaphone is not a chemical compound !!

What is a sentence for megaphone?

Pass me the megaphone.He yelled into the megaphone for the robber to give up.

What is a sentence with megaphone?

I'll forego the megaphone. Your megaphone could use a fresh coat of paint.

In Lord of the Flies who was the megaphone?

Nobody was a megaphone, because a megaphone is a device which amplifies a person's voice, it is sometimes referred to as a 'bull horn.' When Jack arrived at the first meeting, after hearing the sound of the conch shell, he asked, "Where is the man with the megaphone?" He had obviously thought that the noise had been made by an adult. Ralph replied that there was no man, "only me."

Use megaphone in a sentence?

I used a megaphone to get the students attention.

When was Megaphone - band - created?

Megaphone - band - was created in 2004.

When was Megaphone Team created?

Megaphone Team was created in 2003.

When was the megaphone invented?

The megaphone was invented in 1878 by Thomas Edison

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