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Q: Why was miniture golf invented?
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When was mini golf invented?

When was miniture Golf invented?

How can you make the 7 wondres of the world into a project?

Make a miniture golf game (small scale)

When as golf invented?

When was golf invented? I believe this is what you meant.

When and where was the golf cart invented?

It was invented in Scotland in 1946. The golf cart was invented by John "Doc" Keegan, a retired dentist.

When was the golf caddy invented?

The golf caddy was never really invented, a golf caddy is a person who transports golf clubs around a golf course for the golfer. The use of a golf caddy dates back to the 16th century.

Why was the golf club invented?

to play golf better

When was miniature golf invented?

1929Miniature golf was invented in 1929 by Frieda Carter who called it "Tom Thumb Golf."

When was the first golf tee invented?

The first golf tee was invented in 1899 by George Franklin Grant.

What country did golf first start?

Golf was invented in Scotland.

When was golf invited?

Golf was invented in the 15th century by the Scots

Who invented golf?

Nobody really knows who invented golf. Scotland and Great Britain are the two most widley belived to be where Golf was invented. In Great Britain Golf has been played since 1340. Although Scotland is the place where the game of Golf was put together primitivly. Scotland's the place where they added the hole to the game of Golf, and the clubs we use today, and the balls we use today.History has not recorded the person who invented the game of golf but believes the game originated in Scotland around the 12th century. Click on the 'History of Golf' link on this page to read about the game and its history.the Scots 'invented' golf, Golf was first played on the coast of Scotland during the 15th century

Who is the Inventor of the golf clubs?

Modern golf was invented during the Middle Ages in Scotland. It is unknown as to who invented the golf clubs but thy have changed and developed over the course of time.

Where were golf clubs invented?

In Scotland as part of the creation of the game of golf.

Why was mini-golf invented?

Mini golf was invented to attract youth as they did not like the idea of carrying a club in a big golf club. Mini golf was not that tiring plus they had more to concentrate on the game as they got less tired.

When was the golf ball invented?

In 1898, the Haskell ball was invented.

Where was the game of golf invented .how is it different today?

It was invented in scottland

What is the difference between Mini Golf and Golf?

Mini Golf was invented as a tourist atraction for a southernour's hotel.

Who invented ping the golf brand?

Karsten Solheim, is the founder of Ping golf.

Who invented disc golf?

Disc golf was invented by many different people in many different places using natural targets. The earlist known disc golf was out of Saskatchewan Canada 1926. Ed Headrick of Wham-O invented the standardized disc golf targets called pole holes and started the PDGA.

What country was golf invented in?


When was the golf club invented?


Which country invented golf?


When was the golf buggy invented?

Electric golf carts have been used since at least 1951.

Who invented the golf tee?

dr.georg grant was one of the first inventor of the golf tee in 1899.

When was disc golf invented?

It may have been invented in the early 1900s, but it is not known for sure. Modern disc golf started in the late 1960s, when it seems to have been invented in many places and by many people independently.