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Because he was and still is considered to be the BEST soccer player in the world. He also was very accomplished outside of the soccer industry.

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Q: Why was Pele called the king of soccer?
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What was Pele king of soccer special interests?


Why is Pele called Pele?

Because when he used to play street soccer , he really good, so his friends called him ''Pele.''

Who is known as the king of soccer?

Pele of Brazil the current ambassador of FIFA is the king of soccer being the best player ever.

Who are the most famous people in Brazil and why?

a famous person in Brazil is Pele. Pele was a famous soccer player. But he got retired. Brazilians made him king of soccer!

Do Pele's kids play soccer?

yes he is called messi

Did Pele kill his brother in soccer?

No Pele did not kill his brother in soccer.

Who is better at soccer David Beckham or Pele?

Pele Is the best guy soccer player

Who is better in soccer Pele or maradona?

Pele by miles.

Did Pele invent soccer?

No Pele didn't invented soccer. China invented soccer in 1258. Though Pele invented some rules in soccer. Like, man of the match, possession and things like that. Thing Pele didn't invented soccer. It was CHina

Who is the former Brazilian soccer star often called the best player in the world?

Pele is called the best soccer player in the world.

What did Pele' do for a living?


What does Pele play?


Is Pele or Cryuff the best ever soccer player?


Who is the worlds best soccer player Pele or ronaldinho?


Who is the greatest soccer player in Brazil history?

Pele Pele

Where did Pele the soccer player die?

Pele is still alive.

Is Pele the soccer player alive?

yes Pele is alive

What religion did Pele the soccer player follow?

Pele is a Christian.

Where does Pele the soccer player live now?

Pele the famous soccer star now lives in the U.s.A.

Is Pele a soccer player?

yes, Pele is one of the greatest soccer (football) players of all time

Anyone knows the top 10 soccer players during the 1940s?

there were Pele and larbi ben mbarek from Morocco he was named the black pearl Pele said about him "if i was the king of soccer Larbi ben mbarek is the God of it"

What was Pele's soccer number?

Pele is famous for the 10 jersey number

Who is the most powerful soccer player of all time?

pele pele

Does Pele still play soccer?

No, he doesn't. Pele retired in 1977.

What color is Pele's the soccer jersey?

Pele is from brazil. The color is yellow!