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Lou Saban was fired as the Patriots head coach after a disappointing 2-3 start in the 1961 season. The Patriots ownership group decided that Saban wasn't getting enough from the players and felt that Mike Holovak would be better suited to get more out of the talent on the Patriots roster. They were right, Holovak went 7-1-1 over the remainder of the season.

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Q: Why was Lou saban fired from coaching the new England patriots?
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When the New England Patriots started who was their coach?

Lou Saban. The Patriots first season in professional football was 1960 in the American Football League. They were known as the Boston Patriots and Lou Saban was their head coach. Saban was fired after 5 games of the 1961 season and compiled a career record with the Patriots of 7-12.

How long did Lou saban coach for the New England Patriots?

He coached the first 19 games in the club's history - he coached the 1960 season and the first five games of 1961 before he was fired.

Who was the patriot's first coach?

Lou Saban was the first coach for the New England Patriots (then known as the Boston Patriots) in the 1960 season.

Who was the first head coach of the Boston Patriots?

The head coach of the 1997 Patriots was Pete Carroll.

Who was the Patriots head coach in 1960 when the team was first formed?

The Patriots first head coach (1960) was Lou Saban.

Is it true nick saban had an affair while coaching at lsu?

An affair with Candy Edwards, ex-wife of former governor Edwin Edwards compelled Saban's wife to demand they leave Baton Rouge.

How long has Nick Saban been coaching Alabama?

In 2007. Before that he was head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

What ethnic background is Nick saban?

Nicholas Lou "Nick" Saban, Jr. was born October 31, 1951 in Fairmont, West Virginia. He is the current head coach for the University of Alabama football team. During his head coaching career Saban has won four national titles, three with the University of Alabama and one with Louisiana State University.

Who was the best football coach for the Boston patriots football team?

The New England Patriots were the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970. The name was changed in 1971 when the team moved to Foxboro, MA. During the 1960 - 1970 span, the Patriots had three coaches: * Nick Saban 1960 - 1961 (5 games) * Mike Holovak - 1961 (9 games) - 1968 * Clive Rush 1969-1970 (7 games) & John Mazur (7 games, '70-'72) Mike Holovak stands head and shoulders above Saban and Rush as being the best coach the Boston Patriots had. Holovak's Accomplishments as the Boston Patriots Head Coach: * Overall Regular Season Record: 52-46-9 * Playoff Record: 1-1 * 1963 AFL East Division Winner * Appearance in 1963 AFL Championship Game (Loss, San Diego 55-10) * Five +.500 seasons * One 1st Place, Four 2nd Place Division Finishes * Went 7-1-1 in 1961 after replacing Saban (2-3)

What actors and actresses appeared in Saban - 2007?

The cast of Saban - 2007 includes: Saban Bajramovic as Saban Bajramovic

Is Nick Saban related to Lou Saban?


What is the birth name of Lou Saban?

Lou Saban's birth name is Louis Henry Saban.