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The New England Patriots were the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970. The name was changed in 1971 when the team moved to Foxboro, MA. During the 1960 - 1970 span, the Patriots had three coaches: * Nick Saban 1960 - 1961 (5 games) * Mike Holovak - 1961 (9 games) - 1968 * Clive Rush 1969-1970 (7 games) & John Mazur (7 games, '70-'72) Mike Holovak stands head and shoulders above Saban and Rush as being the best coach the Boston Patriots had. Holovak's Accomplishments as the Boston Patriots Head Coach: * Overall Regular Season Record: 52-46-9 * Playoff Record: 1-1 * 1963 AFL East Division Winner * Appearance in 1963 AFL Championship Game (Loss, San Diego 55-10) * Five +.500 seasons * One 1st Place, Four 2nd Place Division Finishes * Went 7-1-1 in 1961 after replacing Saban (2-3)

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Q: Who was the best football coach for the Boston patriots football team?
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