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because white floks didn,t want a black man to be so good they would say he was a Indian call him brown bomber

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Q: Why was Joe Louis known as The Brown Bomber?
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Who was known as the brown bomber?

Joe Louis was known as the brown bomber

What was the boxer joe louis's nickname?

the brown bomber

What Boxer was nicknamed the brown bomber?

Joe Louis

Which boxer was known as the 'black bomber'?

Joe Louis

What does joe Louis fist mean?

Black Power! (Joe Louis was a famous boxer with the nickname The Brown Bomber)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Brown Bomber - 1939?

The cast of The Brown Bomber - 1939 includes: Henry Armstrong as himself Joe Louis as himself

Who was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 in 1949?

The Brown Bomber Joe Louis

What boxer was nicknamed the bomber?

You are either thinking of the Brockton Blockbuster who is Rocky Marciano or (you are) thinking of The Brown Bomber who is Joe Louis, both highly rated Heavyweight boxing champions of years past.

Which boxer was buried in Arlington Cemetery?

Joe Louis, the "Brown Bomber" He is buried in section 7a

What state is boxer Joe Louis from?

I believe "The Bronx Bomber" was from, you guessed it, New York state. No, Joe Louis was the "Brown Bomber", not the "Bronx Bomber" (the original Bronx Bomber was probably Babe Ruth, though it now refers to any hitter on the NY Yankee's team); Joe Louis was born in La Fayette, in rural Chambers County, Alabama.

Who was the US prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 11 years?

Joe Louis or Joseph Louis Barrow the "Brown Bomber".

Who was the heavyweight boxing champ who ruled his division from 1937 - 1949?

The Brown Bomber himself Joe Louis.