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Babe Ruth was an American hero because he saved our national past time from ruin. Coming off the The "Black Sox" scandal of 1919 when the World Series was fixed by gamblers, It took the Baseball heroics of Babe Ruth to bring the fans focus back to the game. His flamboyant personality, and home run hitting skills made him a larger than life figure that captured the hearts of baseball fans, and helped restore interest in our national past time.

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Q: Why was Babe Ruth an American hero?
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In what sport was Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey heroes?

Babe Ruth was a hero of Major League baseball. And Jack Dempsey was a hero of Boxing.

Is Babe Ruth African American?

No,Babe Ruth was an American but had some African American blood in him.

Baseball hero of the 1920s?

Babe Ruth

Who was the sports hero in the 1920s?

babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was an American legend in which sport?

Babe Ruth was an American legend in baseball.

Was Babe Ruth the first African American to play in the mlb?

Babe Ruth was caucasian.

What was Babe Ruth was a American legend in which sport?

Babe Ruth was an American baseball legend

What race was Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth was born from German-American parents. He is classified as Caucasian.

Is Babe Ruth black or white?

Babe Ruth was born to German American parents. He was not black.

Who is thought of as America's first sports hero?

Babe Ruth

What is Babe Ruth's race?

Babe Ruth is German American born from German American Parents. There were no black players allowed to play in baseball in his time.

What other jobs did Babe Ruth have?

Babe ruth also workd for the American Legion Junior Baseball program.

Was Babe Ruth the first American to get a voicebox?

No. Babe Ruth did not have cancer of the larynx and thus had no need for a voice box.

Who is the famous Maryland baseball hero born in 1895?

Babe Ruth

What were some of Babe Ruth's awards and achievements in baseball?

Babe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

Did Babe Ruth win any special awards?

Babe Ruth won the American League MVP Award in 1923.

How old was Babe Ruth when he went into the American League?

Babe Ruth was 19 years old when he first playerd with the American League Boston Red Sox in 1914.

What baseball hero emerged during the 1920s?

Babe Ruth of the NY Yankees.

Was Babe Ruth part black?

No, Babe Ruth was Caucasian. Both his parents were German-American, and his maternal grandparents were German immigrants.

When did Babe Ruth win the most valuable player award?

Babe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

Was babe Ruth the first American with a voicebox?


Was Babe Ruth important to American cultures?


How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit 1929?

Babe Ruth lead the American League with 46 home runs in 1929.

Who were the sports hero's of the 1920's?

Babe Ruth, Bobby Jones and Jack Dempsey

What awards did Babe Ruth receive?

the baseball alminacBabe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.