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Sand is the ideal for filling in divots because it can fill divots easily, and they can be smoothed easily. Grass seed is usually mixed in with it, so the grass can grow back quickly. It is also very cheap and easy to supply to players.

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Q: Why use sand to fill in divots?
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What is the sand bottle used for in golf?

To fill divots after a shot.

Why is there a bottle of sand in golf cart?

You pour the sand into your divots after you have hit.

How do you fix the rust on rear quarter panel?

remove the rust by sanding or grinding. prevent future rust with an inhibitor, weld in a new piece of metal, and/or use fiberglass to fiz the hole. use a polyester fiber fill ( plastic body filler), to fill any divots. sand and prepare for refinishing.

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In golf what is divot mix?

Divot mix is a mixture of sand as grass seed which is placed in fairway and tee box divots, the grass seed therefore grows and replaces at lost ground. There is however a lot of criticism about divot mix being used in the fairway, because you do not get a good enough strike and cannnot control the ball as well as you can from grass, most players say just get people to go get their divots.

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to improve drainge In the area that I live in, some people use sand as a filler to fill holes in their grass area that has been removed by erosion. It works, but is not the best thing to use. Sand has nothing to offer except volume of soil for the roots for the grass to grow in. Its just a substitute for topsoil.

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