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They should not. It would be too expensive for insurance and cleanup.

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Q: Why the should let us play paintball at school?
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Should you let your little boy play paintball?

If your son is 11+ and interested in paintball and does not mind some pain, then yes.

Does paintball coureses let you play airsoft?

Some of them

How Dad took paintball gun how to make him let you play with it?

Ummm... Dont ask for it, and behave.

In Paradise Paintball 3-D it wont let me play the Hills of Eden map. How do you fix this?

you get a better computer

What ages are recommended for playing paintball?

Paintball is probably too advanced for children under 7. However you shouldn't let any child play unsupervised, especially if they don't have the proper safety gear.

Can a student that receives two D's play high school sports?

no you should let them get there grades up

Should our teachers let our play soccer at our school?

Yes because I don't see why. by: Jason the Answerer

Does cousins paintball let you play airsoft too?

An outside organization hosts Airsoft games at Cousins in Manchester NJ every other weekend.

If you dont have the right paintball clothes what should you wear?

all of the public paintball fields will not let you do anything without a paintball mask baggy clothing. old jeans, long sleeve shirt, anything old that you dont mind getting dirty.

How do you start getting paid for paintball?

It is very difficult to become a sponsored paintball player. However if you get a job as a refferee at your local field, you can usually get some ammount of paint for free, discounts on things sold at the store, and they might let you play for free after your shift.

School computers let you play games?

Only if the school had not already blocked that website

What is the passive voice for let us play '?

let us play music (make passive)