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Q: Why the serve in table tennis is right to left?
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What is a counter-drive in table tennis?

Is a professional world,as a 25 years table tennis player,i think it maybe means you hit the ball from left when you use right hand.

What does on serve in tennis mean?

A serve in tennis is when you have the ball to start a game. For instance, the score is 3-4 games, you with 3 games won, and it is your turn to serve. A serve is when you hit the ball on the opposite side of the court in the square. Example: Standing on the right side to serve, you hit it in the square on the left side.

Does server serve from left clear from right?

Serve from the left, clear from the right.

How do you play tennis on ciao Bella?

I felt stupid not knowing too, at first. You just simply press the left and right arrow keys to move left and right respectively. Use the spacebar to serve the ball.

Which side of the tennis court do you serve from in Love-15?

if you are serving, it is the "left" side of the court

How is the periodic table arranged from left to right?

The periodic table is arranged from left to right in the order of atomic numbers.

Does one serve coffee from right or left?

The server should serve the coffee from the right.

Is the line in in tennis?

the second line from left or right

What does forehand stand for in table tennis?

A forehand shot is a shot that is executed where the palm of your hand is facing your opponent, to the right side of the elbow for a right handed player and vice versa for a left handed player.

What is the doubles line in tennis?

the second line from left or right

What are the types of tennis elbow?

right elbow and left elbow

Do you serve food from left or right hand?

Right hand is generally the side you serve from in a restaurant setting