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Due to security Problems

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Q: Why the World Cup matches have not been hosted by Pakistan?
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Which country is not host of the icc worldcup 2011?

There have been terrorist activities such as bomb blasts in the past years where Pakistan hosted other international cricket matches. Also the world doesnt have good relations with Pakistan. Lolzzz

How many matches have Pakistan won from India?

there have been 124 matches played between Pakistan and India. Pakistan has won 71 matches while India has won 49 and 4 resulted in a tie. Pakistan has more wins both in Pakistan and in India

How many cricket world cup matches has been played between India and Pakistan from 1975 to 2011?


How many Asia world cup matches have been played in 2010?

asian team such as india , sri lanka , bangladesh , pakistan have been regular member of the world cup

How many matches have been played between Australia and Pakistan in cricket?


How many Test Matches have been played between Pakistan and England?


How many Cricket World Cup matches have been played?

The final of the recently-finished 2011 Cricket World Cup saw the 313th Cricket World Cup match, between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in South Africa?

This will be the first time that the FIFA World Cup has been hosted by an African nation.

Was the world cup ever hosted by Greece?

No, Greece have never hosted the world cup. They have only been in 3 world cups.

Which 2 countries co- hosted the 2002 World Cup?

South Korea and Japan hosted the 2002 world cup. It is the only world cup so far that has been co-hosted.

How many times has the world cup been hosted in Italy?

Italy hosted the world cup twice the last one was in 1990.

Has there been a World Cup in Belarus?

No, Belarus has never hosted a World Cup.

Has the World Cup been in Canada?

Canada has not hosted the world cup yet.

Has every continent hosted the World Cup?

The World Cup has been hosted on every continent except Oceania. It has been hosted in North America three times, South America five times, Europe ten times, Asia once and Africa once.

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in Asia?

The world cup was hosted in Asia only once in 2002 . When Japan and south Korea shared it.

Has the world cup ever been hosted in newcastle?

No it hasn't

Has the world cup ever been hosted in Mexico?


Where have hosted the world cup more than ones?

The world cup has been hosted twice in 5 different countries. It has been hosted in Italy in 1934 and 1990, France in 1938 and 1998, Brazil in 1950 and 2014, Mexico in 1970 and 1986 and Germany in 1974 and 2006.

What countries have not hosted a World Cup?

You must remember that there has only been 19 world cups so far, so many, many countries have not hosted the world cup yet.

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in Africa before South Africa?

this years 2010 world cup is the first time an African country has hosted it

How old is FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup has been hosted since 1930.

How many one day cricket matches of India vs Pakistan played till now?

126, of which Pakistan has won 72 while India has won 50 (4 have been no result, 0 ties).

Is Pakistan more dangerous than Afghanistan?

Yes Pakistan is the most dagerious country in the world, because the present situation in Afghanistan has been created by Pakistan, Pakistan i th country who interupt all over the world.

Why is south Africa hosting the 2010 world cup?

South Africa is hosting the World Cup in 2010 as until today no country from Africa has hosted a World Cup. It has usually been hosted in either Europe or South America.

If there have been 100 World Series how could NY have hosted over 100 of them and PA and KS each have hosted over 50?

Each World Series has multiple games which makes up the series.