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Q: Why sports a waste of time?
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Are sports a waste of time?

sports are not waste of time due to every humanbody needs physical exercise.... so they are not waste of time............

Are spectator sports a waste of time?


Why are spectator sports not a waste of time?

The spectator sports are not a waste of time because it give people something to do. This sport it is always a thrill.

Is annual sports a waste of time?

noooooooooooooooooo way

Why spectator sports are not a waste of time?

Spectator sports are god for everyone because of the thrill. It gives people something to do.

Why is not a good reason to take lessons in a sport?

So you don't have to waste time in less desirable sports

Is watching professional sports a waste of time?

No. Watching sports on television, as well as live, is considered a hobby that brings enjoyment to the observer. Considering it a waste of time would be implying sewing, drawing, playing an instrument, collecting things, as well as going shopping for frivilous things would be considered a waste of time, as well.

How did gehrigs childhood habits help him when he joined the Yankees?

his mom thought sports was a waste of time.

How is sports used in sports?

idiotic why do you need to keep sign in to see the answer .its waste

Why are public demonstrations a waste of time?

IT IS A WASTE of time because it is not necessary to do it is a waste of time

What sports can you play with one kidney?

maybe, but u should just not waste your time on here and go ask a doctor!

Are international sports a waste of money?

Of course not!! International sports are not at all the waste of money as they provide every sportsman an opportunity to show everyone what talent he or she has.

Is history is a waste of time?

history is a waste of time.

Is Amway a waste of time or it is worthwhile?

It is a waste of time!

Are chat rooms a waste of time?

yup ....... a waste of time

Why do people waste their time with football when they could be watching or playing rugby union or cricket?

did you think maybe they didnt like those sports

How can you win when fools can be kings?

Dont waste your time or time will waste you!

Where can you download ea sports cricket07 for free?

with ur waste material

Is this site a waste of time?

yessir it sure is. but it is the best possible waste of time.

Is ESPN a waste of time?

Seems to me that all sport-as-entertainment is a waste of time.

Is shopping is a waste of time?

Shopping is not a waste of time if you shop for things you need.

When was Time to Waste created?

Time to Waste was created on 2005-06-27.

When was My Favorite Waste of Time created?

My Favorite Waste of Time was created in 2007.

When was Sports Time created?

Sports Time was created in 1984.

When did Sports Time end?

Sports Time ended in 1985.