Why so many Super Bowls in Miami?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Warm winter weather.

The NFL has, until recently, wanted the Super Bowl played in a warm weather city so as to not have winter conditions, mainly snow and frigid cold, play a part in the outcome of the game. Also, since the Super Bowl is a big media event and corporate event, it is beneficial for the NFL to have these folks going to a warm weather city instead of somewhere where the average temperature requires a heavy overcoat.

Through the first 45 Super Bowls, only 3 have been played in a cold weather city ... two in Detroit and one in Minneapolis. But, since these cities have domed stadiums, weather did not play a part in the outcome of the game. Super Bowl XLVI (46) is scheduled to be played in Indianapolis but they also have a domed stadium.

The first Super Bowl that will be played 'in the elements', so to speak. will be XLVIII (48) scheduled for the non-domed MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey in February, 2014.

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No, but it's always somewhere warm.

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No, not always.

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Q: Why so many Super Bowls in Miami?
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