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They shouldn't because Cheerleading is very dangerous.

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Q: Why shouold elementary schools have cheerleading teams?
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Can you be ten to be a cheerleader?

No! You certainly don't! Children nowadays are starting cheerleading from being a toddler. Cheerleaders cheer for teams, elementary schools don't have them. You may be able to start in middle school if they have sports.

What does school have to do with cheerleading?

For basketball teams, football teams, ect. at schools they have teams and they need cheerleaders. what does it have 2 do with school? nothing really but that's your answer

How is cheerleading used today?

Cheerleading is used in a number of ways. It is used in many high schools for athletics, school spirit, and support to football teams. Cheerleading is also used this way through college and professional sports teams.

How much tumbling or acrobatics is in cheerleading?

Nowadays there is a lot of tumbling and stunting (acro) in cheerleading most high schools do both and all All-Star teams do both

Can you be a cheerleader if you had fs in middel school?

Most schools require you to have at least a C average to belong to any sports/ cheerleading teams.

Are sports teams good for elementary schools?

yes its good that we have sports teams in elementary schools because kids focus more and pay more attention to the teacher and it doesn't just benefit the kids it also benefits the teachers by less fidgeting in class and less fooling around

Are there any professional teams for cheerleading?

There are professional cheerleading teams in the NFL (like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). However, many of these teams are actually dance teams that take the "cheerleader" title.

Which country is best at cheerleading?

This is a opinion question, but the Cheerleading Worlds showcase teams from around the country, the USA teams get 1st place

Will it be a boy on the cheerleading squad?

There are only boys on cheerleading teams to spot for you.(help you in the air)

How many cheerleading team are in the US?

they are like 1.5 milloin teams in the us isn't that alot i mean i didint even now that they had that much Cheerleading teams

What are cheer teams in buffalo?

Buffalo Envy Cheerleading

How many cheerleading teams are in Asia?

Not as many as there are in the US