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Students shouldn't join sports because one reason is that their education might be ruin and second reason is that when they join the team they might get injured in the game or in the training camp.These is what I think students shouldn't join sports.

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Q: Why shouldn't students join sports?
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How can Latin American students participate in sports?

Many Latin American schools don't have sports, so in order for Latin American students to play sports they join an outside of school club or association.

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Why drugs should be allowed in sports?

They shouldnt

Why Should students join school sports?

Well it is good to exercise and you can get into a college for extra curricular.

Why should there be coed sports teams?

ther shouldnt be...

Can a school force students to dance?

no if they dont want to do it they shouldnt do it

Can you play sports with a sprained ankle?

You shouldnt, the sprain will get worse

Do they play sports in Mexico in high school?

No, Mexican students are expected to go to school to learn, not play sports. They must join a private team.

Should students be able to dye their hair unnatural hair colors?

yes! there shouldnt be a rule for that because teachers shouldnt be able to tell students what to do to there hair. for example if a student wants her hair to be a bright pink they could do it if they want too!

Why shouldn't there be a salary cap in professional sports?

austin holmes says their shouldnt

How can we write malayalam essay on sports and students?

students and sports

Why should students not join politics?

Students should not join politics because it destroys the mind of students...

How do you join Singapore sports school?

How do i join singapore sports school?

Does it make a boyfriend happy when the girlfriends are joining cheerleading?

not always you shouldnt just join cheerleading for your bf join if you want to become a cheerleader

Why do students wear white sports uniforms?

students wear white sports uniform becoz while playing the people will know that they are students playing.Due to white sports uniform the school students are detected.

Either of the students or the teachers can join - is this sentence grammatically correct?

It's not clear - I think you mean, "Either the students or the teachers can join." Or perhaps you mean, "Both students and teachers can join."

How can sports make you a better person?

Sports Is the Main Game For Students In Schools , Colleges.........Sports Improve The Knowledge Of Power to the Students It Keeps Mind Fresh,Relaxation... Students They Purposely Play The Sports ...... To have sports Is the Students knows What Is the Capacity Of them.... Sports Keep The Body Free From Diseases Now A days Everybody Started Playing Sports For The Healthy life.........

Out of 329 middle school students 3-7 of the students play sports about how many students play sports?


Can gainesville state college students join a uga frat?

No, only UGA students can join UGA frats.

Is sports essential for the students?

Sports are not essential for students because suppose students watched the monday night football game then on Tuesday morning at recess the students would want to play footvball and tackle each other. Sports are also not essential for students because it ruins there eduaction at school. It ruins there education at school because all they can think about is sports, sports, and more sports. Children could do sports after school then at night before they go to school the next morning.

Can MBA students join Pakistan army?

Yes MBA students can join army through army education core

What is the importance of sports in the life of students?

Sports build teamwork, friendships, and gives students a chance to represent their schools.

What kind of club activities might Japanese students join in high school?

well it really doesn't matter you can go to any activities you want, just choose what you would like to enter ex: if you like art, join a art club, if you like sports, join a sport club.

Why do you want to join Sun and Sand Sports?

For the sun and the sand.. And the sports

Why should kids not have to pay to play sports?

Kids should not pay for sports because students should have fun.There wouldn't be fun if you have to pay a lot of money each month or year in a sport.Another reason why kids should not pay for sports is because less kids would join to play on a sport.Parents might not have the money to pay each month or year for a sport.It's a school's job to fund these activities and not a kids'. Students should participate in sports and not worry about paying.