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We have the olympic games because it is fun to watch and is great to 'mingle' with other countries. Also it is a big competition were the athletes and gymnasts compete for the bronze, silver and gold medals. It is great fun and exciting when it eventually comes to the UK in 2012.

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Q: Why should you have the Olympics?
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What history does the Olympics have?

the olympics are for losers i think monkeys should take over the olympics

Should horses be in the Olympics?

There should be a separate horse Olympics or a new Olympics since the current Olympics is overloaded enough with events. To add any new events means removing another sport. At any rate, there should be world games for such majestic creatures.

Why isn't bowling an Olympic sport?

Because it is something everyone can do. But I think it should be in the olympics because there are pros. in the world and they would be good to be in the olympics. I think it should be in the olympics and that is my reason.

Does it have to be in the summer?

The Olympics should be in summer because they called it Summer Olympics

Why you should go to the olympics?

we should go to the Olympics because we can have fun there and learn something from the things we saw in the Olympics like if we saw some tricks on football you can use it when you are playing football as well.

Should India participate in Olympics?

yes , they should

Should martial arts be in the Olympics?

i am a 1st 1 month away from testing for 2nd degree black belt yes it should be in the olympics!@!@!@!@!@!@

Should Canada be proud to have hosted the Olympics in Montreal?

YES! Canadians should be very proud to have hosted the Olympics not once, but TWICE. Montreal Olympics is our proudest because we, as a country, was recognized and seen fit to host them.

What age should you be to enter the Greek Olympics?

You have to be at least 20 years old to enter the Olympics. Women could not watch or participate in the Greek Olympics.

Why are the Olympics bad for any country?

The Olympics are Very expensive. It costs billions of dollars to host the Olympics which only last two weeks in the host nation. A lot of countries have gone into major debt hosting the Olympics. The Summer Olympics should have a permanent home in Greece, and the Winter Olympics should have a permanent home in Sweden or Switzerland. The Olympics cost too much money. The expense is far too much when there is so much poverty in the world.

How fast should someone in the Olympics be able to run a mile?

a person in the Olympics of 2008 should be able to run the mile in about 3:50 or less to be competitive

Where are the 2020 summer and winter Olympics going to be held?

Winter Olympics should be held in Geneva, Switzerland as it is cold and is the capital. Summer Olympics should be held in Dubai, UAE because they will have the best facilities seen as it is the 'city of the future'

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What are the specific requirements for a city to be able to host the Olympics?

The city hosting Olympics should have a good infrastructure facility. It should be capable of providing the advanced security system for all those who attend the games. The nation's financial capibility to host the Olympics, also counts.

Why were there no Olympics in 1990?

Prior to 1992 both summer and winter Olympics were held in the same calendar year. After that year it was decided that the winter Olympics should be held in the off two years from the summer Olympics so in 1994 the winter Olympics were held in Lillihammer, Norway just two years after the previous winter Olympics.

How many Australian people are in the Olympics?

you should ask the net you should ask the net

Should the word Olympics be capitalized?

Yes, it should be capitalized when referring to the Olympic games.

Should baseball be in Olympics?

Yes, This

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it already is

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