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Q: Why should student athletes be held to a higher standard?
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Why should colleges want student athletes with higher grades?

No pass, no play. If they make good, high grades then there is a smaller chance of them NOT passing.

Should student athletes be allowed to have special preference?

NO? that is unfair to other students

Should student athletes maintain a good grade average?

Yes it is very important for student athletes to maintain a good gpa!! Exactly why the student comes first in student athlete. It means school, books, and studying always come before sports.

Should pros draft college athletes before they graduate?

No, becasue athletes should be student athetes! They shoud learn how to live on there own first before having to deal with the pressure of being a professional athlete

Why student athletes should have good grades in order to play sports?

athletes need to have good grades in order to play on after school programs because to have a minimum 2.0 GPA is not hard to ask for and school should come first

Who has made the Olympic A standard?

There are nearly countless athletes that have hit Olympic A standard. should have a pretty good list of the top track athletes in the world right now, and is the equivalent for swimming. To get world rankings for other sports try searching the web for (sport) international organization.

What is your student number in Canada?

You should not tell anyone your student number. If you do, people will steal it and you might be in a higher grade. So again, do not give it to anyone.

How do you write a farewell speech to the teacher by 4th standard student?

A farewell to a teacher should be written either by a student or a co-worker. The speech should recognize the teacher for his or her hard work and what he or she has done for students over the years.

Why should students wear school uniforms evidence?

school uniform are standard wear for many student around the world

Should athletes use drugs?


What is the athletes creed?

AthletesCreed is a code that athletes should follow to be their best. No matter where they are athletes should do their best in the class, in the game, orat home or hanging out with friends. also check out this site.

Should student athletes have to maintain a 2 point 0 GPA?

Student-Athletes represent the high school, college or university. Therefore I think they should be held accountable for their grades. I don't know the G.P.A they should have to maintain that should be predetermined by the institution. The rules should be strict and the consequences should be even more harsh. Some people do make mistakes but you can't just be good at sports to be successful in life. Also research B.J. Raji who is currently in the NFL. His story is he was academically ineligible for a whole year the next year he had an awesome year after he cleaned up his act in the class room and he was just a top 10 pick 2009 draft.